Dreams do come true!

Prayers. Dreams. Wishes. Faith. Hope. A lot of LOVE. Trust. Belief. Perseverance. Medicine. Science. Technology. Doctors. Nurses. Embryologists. Commitment. Strength. Determination. Heartbreak. Doubt. Fear. Amazement. Shock. Elation. Our JOURNEY Four years in the making. One chemical pregnancy. Two ectopic pregnancies. Two failed frozen embryo transfers. Five total failed pregnancies. Four egg retrievals. One hysteroscopy. Countless […]

My husband

{I would typically do an eye roll, or multiple, at this kind of post…so trust me, I get it if that is your reaction!} Happy Anniversary to my incredible husband! Rather than write a new blogpost entirely dedicated to Chris, I thought it appropriate (aka easier) to share my previous sappy, social media posts from the […]

In the days prior…

I feel as if I am posting in a somewhat backwards fashion which is really bothering my self diagnosed OCD. Perhaps I should have posted this prior to sharing Well hello there friends… Too late now. Anyway, below is the email novel I sent on Tuesday October 24, two days prior to our embryo transfer and over […]

Well hello there friends…

Well hello there friends…It’s me, Kacey! It’s been FOREVER, a solid 16.5 months to be exact, since I have shared a blog post! While I find myself temporarily couch bound with a few minutes to spare, I thought now is as good of a time as any to get back to it. Over the last […]


Trust me, I am not in as bad of shape as the title makes it sound, but at times have felt a bit rough. I cannot believe a month has gone by since I last wrote. I have been so incredibly busy, which is a very good thing, and my God life has been a combination of […]

She’s HERE, so let’s begin…again…I hope

Written Thursday May 12th First…LET’S GO BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I am pumped! Second…Has anyone had a stye in their eye? Oh my gosh, so freaking painful! And for the IVF/FET update…I am sure you have been waiting anxiously for this news (kidding)… Aunt Flo has arrived…with a vengeance! My gosh, did she miss me or something? […]