One day late…

Well well well, wouldn’t you know…the always pleasant time of the month is officially one, soon to be two, days late, with no sign of arrival. This would be fabulous news for many, but for me, it is a complete annoyance. Where is this damn thing when I actually want it? I am NEVER late. Any natural remedies to get this going? The only late times in my life were my two pregnancies. NO, I am not pregnant. Without getting into details, as I know my father, brother, and uncles read this blog, I will leave it simple and say…it would be completely impossible.



I suppose my cycle is being slightly dramatic and temperamental due to the medications I was on previously, but COME ON! I keep reminding myself…Patience. Patience. Patience. Thanks to genetics, I was born with none. I still don’t have any, but am quickly learning the true definition. Go with the flow and I have never gotten along either. This journey is surely forcing many new traits upon me.

Since I don’t have any actual news to report, I will update you on life in general! Disclaimer – expect randomness below.

Thank you Denney Family, Kim W, Lauren T, Katie S, Kristin H, Brittani G, and Sarah R!!!! We love you all!

Thank you Denney Family, Kim W, Lauren T, Katie S, Kristin H, Brittani G, and Sarah R!!!! We love you all!

So many continue to reach out to us in the kindest of ways. We cannot express how our gratitude, and you have no idea the smiles and joy this brings to our hearts. Thank you Denney family for the Day-brightener, Lauren T for the book, Kim W for the card and tests/meds, and others I am likely forgetting! You all mean so much to us!

My parents have always said that you can tell so much about a person by the company they keep, and it is SO true with Chris and his buddies. Daily Joy was sent to us from his best friends and their significant others. Ladies, I know it was all you 🙂 Although they are in CO, and we don’t see each other often enough, I am so lucky to call those ladies dear friends! Thank you!!

When dealing with our cycle cancelation news, I may have gone a little overboard with online shopping. Oops. I was getting bored with the thousands of dollars worth of medication shipments we were receiving, so why not make it something a tad more exciting! Multiple packages were being delivered daily…Loft, Banana, Etsy, Target, Amazon, and so on. Who can pass up a 70% off sale? Not me. I couldn’t stop. Everything from FOUR unnecessary pairs of really cute boots, to adult coloring books (recommended calming tactic), swimming suits, clothes, and more clothes. It was a surprise coming home each day, as I had forgotten a lot of what I ordered.

Buh-bye Escape...Hello Audi!

Buh-bye Escape…Hello Audi! Don’t worry puppy, you are coming with us!

On top of my spree, we have a new addition to our family. Obviously not a pregnancy announcement, nor a furry four-legged child, but a NEW (to us) car!! Chris needed and deserved this, as his sexy 2009 Ford Escape wasn’t cutting it any longer. New Partner status equals new car in our books! So we found a gorgeous, silver Audi A6 that needed a home. Last Tuesday evening, we made the trek to Long Beach, spent five hours at the dealership, and got home at midnight, not totally fun, but all worth it! We LOVE our pretty new ride!

On a totally different note….Sadly, it has been one year since our pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. In fact, the day we canceled our IVF cycle was one year to the day from when we found out we were pregnant. Odd. I will never forget the short-lived, yet beautiful moment in our lives. Taking the test, calling the doctor, surprising Chris with the news, talking about how we would tell our families, the due date (April 1), upcoming events, how to hide it, everything! To be honest, I thought about it a great deal in the past few weeks. I didn’t seem to get overly emotional, as I think my emotions have shifted to our current and future IVF life. It is crazy, and amazing, to think that I would be a mommy to a now four-month-old. Although my heart aches, I am hopeful and anxious in looking to our future.



After the m/c, we went on a little date night to Hapifish. Coincidentally enough, this is also where we had dinner this past Friday night, one year to the day. Timehop (Dad – this is an app on my phone) reminded me of this. The sushi was just as tasty as last time! After dinner, Chris had the idea to park the car, walk our old neighborhood, and get some frozen yogurt. With this whole non-drinking thing in full effect, I have turned to ice cream or frozen yogurt for dessert. Chris was already a major sweets fan, and I am slowly turning. It needs to stop. We ended up running into our old neighbors, which was a fantastic surprise, and I got to love on their super adorable, three-week-old baby boy…melt my heart little one.

Eat, Drink, Be Hapi - Rolls and Decor at Hapifish in Encinitas

Eat, Drink, Be Hapi – Rolls and Decor at Hapifish in Encinitas 8.7.15

The rest of the weekend was lovely! Saturday, we had a beach day with our new neighbors (two sweet, engaged couples), along with Chris’ brother, Jeff, and his girlfriend, Stephanie. The boys surfed, and the girls chatted. Our summer has been a bit more gray than usual, but this day was a perfect 75 and sunny.

Sunday, Chris and I decided to relive a former ritual of ours. Nearly every weekend, we would walk the short five minutes to St. Tropez Bistro with Reese, have our coffee, sit in the cute courtyard and listen to a one-man band playing some of our favorite Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, and U2 songs. Although we now have to drive, it was nice to be back in our old neck of the woods, sipping on decaf ugh, reminiscing on old times! Sweet Home Encinitas will always hold so many memories for us!

Sunday night dinner was supposed to be prepared by yours truly. However, garage cleaning, organizing, and sun got the best of my energy, and I think our alternative choice was better! We cheated and treated ourselves to In and Out! It’s healthy right?! The picture below explains itself, let your mouths water.

Double Double

Double Double

I have found this unwanted physical and mental break from the crazy IVF world mostly enjoyable. Rather than being consumed with constant stress and worry, I have been able to enjoy life a bit more! The crazy train will begin again soon enough, just wait!

On Monday, one of my dearest friends in the world gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Precious Caroline Murphy Wood joins big sister Claire, and they look nearly identical as newborns, with the exception of hair color! I was so thrilled to meet this muffin on FaceTime, and absolutely cannot wait to actually hold her. They are now home together as a family of four, and I could not be more thrilled for Shan and Pat!!! Congratulations to the Wood and Murphy families!!

Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline 8.11.15

Tuesday evening, I had a final pre-babies visit with Desiree, her husband, and mom. Come early next week, she will be bringing two boys and one sweet princess into this world! She is almost 34 weeks along, and ALL three babies are over FIVE pounds! Des, you are incredible and totally dominating this pregnancy, way to go momma! Thank you for your constant love and encouragement!

Des and I - 8.11.15 - 5 days before the triplets make their arrival!

Des and I – 8.11.15 – 5 days before the triplets make their arrival!

It has been far more enjoyable writing and sharing FUN and POSITIVE stories, versus the ones we have been accustomed to! Hopefully this trend continues! Thanks for following along our journey!! Love to you all! Xo

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


One thought on “One day late…

  1. Kacey,
    You are making huge strides in your journey. Spending time and sharing others stories about their gift of life is great therapy for you, although I was never able to do it. It was hard for me and not that I was not happy for them, I just wanted to be them. Today is a totally different story every opportunity I get to tell my story, I do. I know it does not seem like it right now but please remember that just because you cannot bear a child does not mean you cannot be a MOM. It took Steve and I 10 years to figure this out and it literally broke my heart when I was told I had unexplained infertility. I wrote my oldest son, Kyle, a letter when he was on his Kairo’s retreat his Junior year of high school titled “I always wanted to be called Mom”. Someday you will be doing the same thing, but by then it maybe by text. Kacey, you and Chris will be parents, keep your faith and the plan that HE has for you will come together in time. Stay strong and know that we are in this together.

    The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.

    XOXO to you both and you are always in my prayers.


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