A little of this and that :)

Man this week flew by! I will NOT complain when the work week is done and gone quickly, now if the weekends could just SLOWWWW DOWNNNNN, all would be perfect!

I am not sharing this picture because I like it of me, but because of what my dad said when I sent it back home...

This was last Friday en route to the Cards game when I was clearly very excited! I am not sharing this picture because I like it of me, but because of what my dad said when I sent it back home…”Love this pic, you look so happy & your mind is not dealing with the difficult issues you are facing. Just have a fun night with Chris & the Cards.” God love him!

Our Cards/Padres weekend was mostly enjoyable! Saturday’s game was miserable (lost 8-0), but Sunday was a different story (won 10-3)! I FINALLY saw a win! Prior to that game, I had seen the Cards outscored 36-5 over 5 games between San Diego and LA. Awful. There was the always constant Sea of Red that made me oh so happy! Chris was a trooper for tolerating my obsession. At the start of the season, he got MLB TV Premium package for me, and I LOVE it! I can watch every game WITH the Fox Sports Midwest broadcast. I think he is possibly regretting that purchase, but he IS turning into more and more of a Cards fan!

Beautiful Petco Park in San Diego

Beautiful Petco Park in San Diego. But I really, really miss Busch!

Fri 8.21.15 - Amazing seats, not so amazing game. Hi Mike!!!!!

Sat 8.22.15 – Amazing seats, not so amazing game. Hi Mike!!!!!

Sat 8.22.15 - Outfield seats for a great afternoon that included a Salute to Veterans, along with a flyover, followed by a Cards win!

Sun 8.23.15 – Outfield seats for a great afternoon that included a Salute to Veterans, along with a flyover, followed by a Cards win!

Week went as such – Work, work, and more work. Monday, we had our little neighborhood Bachelor in Paradise viewing party. Wednesday I did something I haven’t done since May in STL…a much-needed pedicure. I am not sure what happened here, as I used to go religiously, I miss you Susan!!! Thursday was my standard and amazing acupuncture visit, which I still need to write more about! As a side note, last night, my acupuncturist said, “I saw Dr. F and she asked how you were doing. Every time I see her she is asking me about you.” I assume she asks because I am crazy, and Acu is supposed to be my therapy. Regardless, it feels SO great to know that our doctor GENUINELY cares for us and our success with IVF. I don’t believe we would have found this true with just any doctor!

Our awesome neighbor, Lexi, asked if we would accept her roses for BIP!

The gladiolus are great right now. And Lexi brought roses for our BIP viewing!

Non-IVF related – I have been a tad very emotional these last couple days. Can we blame it on the hormones?! I am having a really REALLY hard time accepting the fact that I am not with my family in Toronto for my cousins wedding and subsequent vacation. Major fun, laughter, memories, and quality family time will be taking place, and it kills me to not be there!! I don’t EVER do well on missing out, but this takes it to a whole different level. It would have been extremely special for Chris to visit my family North of the border, meet Nana and others for the first time, spend time with those he has met, be part of a Kennedy wedding weekend, and experience Canadian Cottage Life! Some of my favorite memories have been with this unbelievable family in our Homeland, as we call it! I will be living vicariously through the pictures and FaceTime!

Jennifer & Andrew – Your wedding day will be magical and everything you dreamed of. Jenn will be a stunning bride, and Andrew a very handsome groom! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness! My best is with you this day and always!

FaceTime with my family today...their hotel looks directly at the CN Tower in Toronto! SO wish I was there! Please excuse my ridiculous face.

FaceTime with my family tonight…their hotel looks directly at the CN Tower in Toronto! SO wish I was there! Please excuse my ridiculous face.

With this IVF journey comes sacrifice on many levels. As I have mentioned previously, all travel plans and commitments have been put on hold from now until who knows when. Chris and I have been so jealous of everyone’s fun summer vacations! We have neighbors who just returned from Cabo, dear friends on their way to San Fran, and another to Kiawah Island, I am cat sitting for our other neighbors who just left for Italy and Portugal for 2.5 weeks; I WANT IN ON THIS FUN!!! I know it is for the best reason in the world that we are stuck, but it doesn’t make it any easier right this moment. I am thankful we have a busy weekend ahead, as it will help keep my mind right!

Chris is on the Junior Board for the Boys and Girls Club of San Dieguito. Last year, he created a Horseshoe Tournament to help support this fantastic organization. This year the registration has more than doubled, and Cornhole has been added! It takes place at the Del Mar Dog Beach, and is one of only two days during the year where alcohol/drinking is permitted on the beach. There is food, booze, games, sand, and sunshine! Can’t really beat it! Chris’ parents will be coming to town for this fun day. He has put a ton of effort into this event, and I am one proud wife!

Saturday afternoon and evening will be spent with some lovely gals, including Taylor Swift. Yes, four of us 30ish year olds will head to Petco Park, along with 60,000+ screaming teenagers, for the 1989 World Tour. I have heard the concert is beyond amazing, and CANNOT wait!

I have realized it is so important to have fun and exciting things/events to look forward to, as it helps my sanity tremendously.

As for how I am feeling, all seems mostly well on the birth control and testosterone. I have had some random heartburn/indigestion kick in, along with a bit of sleeplessness and hot flashes. I feel headachey at times. All seemingly normal for these meds. We do not go back to the doctor until September 9th which feels like forever away, but I know it will be here quickly! I kind of LOVE not having IVF related updates to give, but we will be back to it soon enough!

Sending my continued love, thanks, and appreciation to you all! We know so many of you are praying for us and sending us the kindness of thoughts! THANK YOU! I hope everyone has an incredible weekend!

Pardon my overly nostalgic self…I cannot believe it was almost exactly two years ago that my amazing STL bachelorette weekend took place. I love these girls more than life, and miss you all dearly! I am one lucky person!!

STL Bachelorette weekend August 24, 2013. <3

STL Bachelorette weekend August 24, 2013. ❤

As I said last week, I can’t post without a puppy pic…I absolutely love this little muffin of mine! She may have a cracked/snaggletooth, missing digit, and be extremely ill behaved majority of the time, but I don’t know what I would do without her!

My obsession is severe. I get it.

Reesie Girl. Yes, my obsession is severe. I get it.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


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