Our AMAZING Retrieval News!!

This was written around noon today/Tuesday —- Hello to all my absolutely wonderful cheerleaders, supporters, encouragers, and prayer warriors!! I ended my last post by saying; I hope I would have the best possible news to report post retrieval. Well I have an AMAZING update! Excuse me for rambling or being all over the place, my […]

Stim Day 9!

Yeah yeah yeah! It’s FRIDAY, and all is well with my little follicles! I am enjoying this smooth week tremendously! Today was another good appointment, despite it being Dr. F’s last day at RPMG. I arrived…EARLY…shocking! I even had time to run to the pharmacy to pick up my Valium for surgery day! As I […]

Stim Day 8!

Happy Thursday! We are smooth and steady on this stimulation path, and one day closer to retrieval! Today was another good appointment, as we expected based on last. Update on next steps relative to Dr. F — We had a follow up phone call with Dr. F yesterday afternoon to discuss next steps for this […]