Infertility Etiquette, TSwift, and so on…

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! It’s almost FRIDAY!!! To update on last weekend…Chris’ Boys and Girls Club Horseshoe and Cornhole tourney was a success! It was a warm day on the beach, and it seems all had a great time! It was so neat to hear Chris receive compliments and appreciation for all of his efforts. Some were even thanking me for sharing him with this wonderful organization! I was very proud!

Boys and Girls Club Horseshoe & Cornhole Tournament at the Del Mar Dog Beach 8.29.15

Boys and Girls Club Horseshoe & Cornhole Tournament at the Del Mar Dog Beach 8.29.15


Boys and Girls Club Tourney


Obsession with Taylor and our bracelets 🙂

I must also let you all know that my Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour concert experience was UNREAL. I want to be her. Or at least friends with her. I NOW understand what my sister, friends, and the world have been raving about. We got downtown early to grab a bite, and thought it would be a simple task. The wait time at almost all the restaurants was over an hour. Little girls (and middle aged ladies) in tutus, cheerleader outfits, or dressed like Taylor were EVERYWHERE! The thousands of young, crazy, high pitched screaming, adrenaline filled little girls were extremely entertaining. A total drunk hoosier lady sat behind us, and she was a treat. She knocked her beer can into my head, had her wedding ring stuck in my hair, and then preceded to spill red wine down my backside. I hope her children made it home safely that night!


Love her and them.

The show was UNBELIEVABLE. Shawn Mendes (?) was the first opening act, followed by Vance Joy, LOVE his song RiptideEveryone in the audience gets a light up bracelet that blinks to the beat of the music. Genius. We were obsessed. As TSwift has done with each show, there are surprise celeb appearances, and we couldn’t wait to find out who ours would be! We were super jealous of the five shows she had just done in LA with JT, Ellen, Lisa Kudrow, Selena, and so on. But ours were pretty darn fantastic! Omi and Taylor sang one of the songs of summer, Cheerleader! We even got a second surprise…Avril Lavigne to sing Complicated! It was beautiful.

Taylor and Omi

Taylor and Omi


Taylor and Avril

STL friends, even though both her shows are sold out, stalk Craigslist and get a ticket. Who cares the price, you deserve it. Seat location doesn’t matter. Get a girlfriend and go. If not, guys will enjoy it too. I will personally do the search for you. Enough about my amazing Saturday night spent with 3 lovely gals, but seriously just do yourself a favor go.

Petco Park, San Diego - 8.29.15

Beautiful Petco Park, San Diego – 8.29.15

Pretty close to Heaven!

Pretty close to Heaven at Haunn Lodge – Lake Mississauga!

The torture of missing out on family vacation continues with The Haunn Lodge (my aunt and uncle’s beautiful cottage. Oh and Carrie Underwood and her husband have a place just across the lake.) leg of the Canadian adventure. Chris and I were able to FaceTime with the crew on Monday and wish my dad a VERY HAPPY 64th BIRTHDAY! How can one not be entirely jealous when the beautiful summer days and cool evenings consist of eating, drinking, paddle boarding, swimming, noodling, skiing, reading, exercising, boating, relaxing, sauna-ing, moonlight cruising, singing, dancing, sleeping and so much more…on constant repeat, pretty perfect!

Take me there!

Take me there!

Moving on…

I shared this helpful link on my Facebook page the other day, but wanted to include on the blog as well. I find it to be a wonderful article that shares “infertility etiquette.” Prior to being on this journey myself, I was completely unaware and illiterate when it came to anything and everything Infertility/IUI/IVF related. I have chosen to be entirely open and vocal about where we have been with our past struggles and where we are going with our current IVF treatment. Everything surrounding this topic is extremely sensitive to most, and many choose to keep it private. If you have a couple minutes, feel free to read, as it could help you help someone suffering with this difficult, yet seemingly common, nightmare.

Infertility and IVF have been discussed in the mainstream media quite a bit as of late with scientific and medical technologies and discoveries, celebs opening up about their own struggles, a crazy battle over embryos (Sofia Vergara), and much more. I personally find it SO wonderful that stories such as these are being shared. Hopefully it will help create more knowledge and understanding to those unfamiliar.

Take a peak at the below links if you’d like. Stories such as these give me hope in realizing that although this journey may feel like a painful eternity, we know one day our dreams will most definitely come true.

IVF update – As of now, I am still putting the annoying (see pic below) testosterone gel on my arm each morning and taking birth control pills at night. I am feeling well minus headache-y at times, restless through the night, tender chest, and last night some pretty intense cramping began with very minor spotting which I was told to expect, but not until I stopped the BCP. So of course my little mind starting worrying. Why can’t things just go smooooooth?! I left a message for Dori (IVF coordinator) and just heard back. She spoke with Dr. F, and they are not concerned as we are not be doing a fresh embryo transfer when lining is important. Although she said it is not typical this soon (of course, nothing about my body is typical), it is ok. I am told this is not affecting my follicles and that “break through bleeding” is common. Apparently if your body is not used to being on birth control, it wants to shed the uterine lining around 21 days. I am on day 20, so it makes sense I guess.

What the gel does to my arm. It's pretty.

My arm each day. It’s pretty.

Normally when one is on birth control, you take active pills for 21 days, stop, have a period, and then restart. Well I took 2 pills for 5 days, then 1 pill a day. I didn’t stop when the pack was finished and began a new one. I will quit both the above mentioned on Saturday, and start the testosterone patches for five days. Wednesday September 9th at 9am, we will head to RPMG for blood work and an ultrasound with Dr. G, as Dr. F is out. I just realized 9/9 at 9a. My dad’s hockey number is 9, please bring us luck #9! This appointment will determine if we can start stimulation medication. If all checks out well – no cysts, no extremely dominant follicles, normal levels, etc. – we will begin Menopur injections, Clomid and Dexamethasone the next day. We are to get this party started!

The exciting and positive things/events to look forward to continue this weekend – My great friend, April, and family arrive today to visit her brother and family who live super close to us. We plan to be with them as much as possible during their quick trip! I really need a taste of home, and CANNOT wait for the holiday weekend. Chris and I are feeling desperate for a day off! I hope each of you have a fun and safe Labor Day! My best to you always! Xo

Reese pic of the week. They were both completely sound asleep Sunday afternoon.

Reese pic of the week. They were both completely sound asleep Sunday afternoon.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


7 thoughts on “Infertility Etiquette, TSwift, and so on…

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  2. Kacey,
    You are such a fun writer! Your description of the Taylor Swift show cracked me up. The picture with Reese sleeping with the massive ball in her mouth is hilarious. And the fact that you are staying positive when it seems like nothing is going smoothly is really inspiring to me! Good luck on 9/9 at 9! ☺️

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  3. Love your “happy” blogs. TS how amazing. Yes, I wish I could be a singer like her. Always wanted to be a comedian on stage. Carol Brunett was my idol. Love the tourney pics. Way to go Chrsi.
    Best always, and not a day goes by without me thinking or praying for you 2. Love ya Morgie

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