Day 6 follow up

20140410-080228Hello from rainy San Diego! I am LOVING it! We need it SO badly! But since Southern Californians have NO idea how to drive in the rain, it took over 45 minutes to get to RPMG. We walked in only 2 minutes late though, not bad!

Well well well…we had another GOOD appointment today! It feels absolutely phenomenal to report positivity back-to-back days! We are inching closer and closer to our retrieval date, and I hope this little trend of good news continues indefinitely.

Ultrasound – Lining at 4mm. Dr. F said at least 5 good-sized follicles on the right, the largest measuring at 15mm. The largest on the left is 12mm and some other smaller ones growing. They are all relatively close in size. 15mm to 12mm is not a big discrepancy.

I asked how many total follicles, and Dr. F wouldn’t give us a quantity. That concerned me, but Chris and the nurses helped me understand after. It is touch and go each day. She doesn’t care about the exact number of follicles right now, just that they are all responding and growing well. We were told in the last few days of stim meds is when you really have a better idea of count since the smaller ones have possibly caught up. Confused a bit? Me too. I need to not be so numbers focused.

When asked about her thoughts on retrieval date, she said we will know more in two days. Hard to say right now since we are unsure how quickly they will continue to grow, but she believes it is looking more like Monday than Sunday.

Dr. F’s answer to my request for a “calm down” pill the morning of surgery – We will give you something when you get in the room. We typically don’t like to give additional meds though. You’re going to do so great. I promise. You’re doing so great through this. We will take good care of you. Promise.

I love her.

[Side note – I just now got an email from our nurse, I will get a valium before retrieval!! I am just such a freak, as most of you know, and live in constant worry. The sterile rooms, IV, everything about surgeries sends me into a state of panic. This will hopefully help.]

Exact words heard today – Everything looks really good. See, I knew it was going to be good. I had a feeling. It is looking better and better. Everything is growing, and it looks really good.

That is what I like to hear!

Another injection (Ganirelix) was added to the mix this morning. A sweet nurse in the office did this one. Chris will resume injection duties this evening. It was a painless one, but as expected, burned like hell afterwards. My stomach has a few small bruises that will no doubt continue to grow in the coming days.

Tomorrow night, we add in Omnitrope, a growth hormone. So in total, I will be on about 3 injections per day until retrieval. Fun, fun times!

One day, I will get into the financials of this whole journey, but let me just tell you we are currently injecting about $700 of medication into my body daily. ALL SO WORTH IT!

Physical update – I am not in pain necessarily, nor do I have cramps, but I feel pressure and a bit of discomfort in my stomach and lower abdomen area. This is expected as the ovaries are larger than normal and growing all these great follicles! I have slept terribly the last few nights, but probably due to a combo of the heat, Reese, and meds. Aside from that, the side effects have been quite minimal it seems. Who knows what the growth hormone will do to me though!

It has been demanded of me to take it easy, rest, eat well, stay hydrated, no workouts, heavy lifting, and of course, a hiatus from the bedroom.

These next two evenings I have happy to look forward to! My great friend Katie “Bishop” is in town for work. She will come to our new home, we will grab dinner and watch the Cards game. Sadly, I am missing her wedding next Saturday in STL, so any quality time I can get with the bride to be is super special! Tomorrow I get to do dinner with another love of mine, Jess, who is in Irvine for work! We plan to meet in San Clemente and can hopefully schedule around this ridiculous injection schedule of mine! Cannot wait to see you girls!!

Next up – Ultrasound Thursday at 9:15a. We will know more following this appointment, and I will update after.

Thank you for the love and prayers as we push on through this tumultuous journey! Xo392611d2b5abe1d3caad60b58c91f194

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


8 thoughts on “Day 6 follow up

  1. I am learning too. Follicles.. smollicles. Haha
    Good positive news. Quit worrying and let this in God’s hands. Enjoy your visit with Katie and Jess. Have fun. Greg Wolf is in Milwaukee for the Cards game tonight. Go Cards and Go Kacey and Chris

    Liked by 1 person

    • No joke. I didn’t even know we had follicles, what the heck!

      Doing my best to turn the worry off, but it is tough! I am hoping the second time we do this, it will be easier on the brain and heart! GO CARDS for sure! Hope Greg can bring them the luck they so desperately need! Love to you!


  2. So good to hear the positive words and thoughts again. You are truly special and one of a kind, Kacey….sending lots of prayers and positive energy your way. Enjoy the time with your dear friends!!!

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