Stim Day 9!

What I mean when I say I want to EMBRACE THIS JOURNEY :)

This picture references what I mean below with EMBRACING THIS JOURNEY 🙂

Yeah yeah yeah! It’s FRIDAY, and all is well with my little follicles! I am enjoying this smooth week tremendously! Today was another good appointment, despite it being Dr. F’s last day at RPMG.

I arrived…EARLY…shocking! I even had time to run to the pharmacy to pick up my Valium for surgery day! As I mentioned yesterday, Chris was not joining for the first time ever. I felt totally ok about it, but it was just strange not to have him with me. They were running behind schedule, and I waited longer than normal, or maybe it just felt that way.

Based on the previous days reports, we knew today would likely be great. I think today was the least nervous I have ever been stepping foot into the building. I also had Garth Brooks on my mind, as he is coming to San Diego in November, and tickets were going on sale this morning. I obviously couldn’t purchase them as I would be mid appointment, Chris was in a meeting, and my family was unavailable. So one of my dearest friends logged in with my info and waited FOREVER in the virtual waiting room, all to no avail as the online ordering system broke down. I SO appreciate you MMD! Hopefully next week, we will be successful in purchasing these tickets. It has been a life goal for about 2 decades to see this man in concert! Fingers crossed!

Moving on…once I was in the room, the ultrasound took no longer than a minute and a half.

Lining – 3.8mm

She begins…Look at that! It looks soooo good!

Right ovary – 20mm, 18mm, 18mm and others. She said it looks like 6 total on the right, some are a little smaller, but at least 5 good sized ones.

Left ovary – 16mm, 13mm. She thinks the smaller ones will continue to grow. 3-ish total follicles.

After the US, she asked me to come to her office to complete some paperwork. I was too busy talking to her and asking questions to even know what the heck I was signing. One document was authorizing any doctor in the practice to treat me; another was about potential surgery situations I think? No clue.

I know she does not like to talk numbers or make promises, but I asked her thoughts on best-case scenario. She said she is extremely conservative and would never want to shoot too high in the event that the actual number were to be lower as that would leave me disappointed. Overall, she feels 8 potential eggs for this cycle, and I am great with that!

In her office, with the door closed, Dr. F shared some extremely kind words with me. Sappy as it may seem, I feel so special, so important, and so cared for by her. She shared with me that she met with Dr. Garzo yesterday to review all of her patients in cycle, and assured me again on his skill and ability to retrieve all the eggs. She said he would take exceptional care of me, and that I would do wonderfully come Monday. She will call after retrieval to check on me, and is confident all would go GREAT! Giving her a hug goodbye brought tears to both our eyes. I sent her a novel of a text once I was back at the office to express my appreciation. She is just SO lovely. I mean this in all seriousness; she is an absolute DREAM for anyone in our shoes.

We will head to RPMG tomorrow morning at 9:45a for ultrasound, blood work, further injection instructions, and pre-op review. Two new injections will be added tomorrow evening, and these are referred to as my “trigger.” The clinic will tell me the exact time to do the injection, and then exactly 35.5 hours later, retrieval will take place. Crazy.

I am feeling pretty much the exact same as yesterday, still tired and foggy. I anticipate the pressure type feeling to continue and likely get a little more intense in the coming days. This morning we did injection #14, 15 and 16 will be tonight.

Last night during acupuncture, aka therapy, it was suggested that come Saturday, I should eliminate all carbs from my diet, and eat easily digestible foods like soup, salad, veggies, fruit, etc. She said it would help with bloating and constipation post retrieval, as the meds and anesthesia will most definitely cause these symptoms. She advised picking up some Propel and coconut water for after retrieval, and to stay low carb/protein heavy for a few days.

Random, emotional thoughts have filled my brain as of late. Or maybe always, but I am just recognizing them more so now in my emotionally fragile state. Yesterday it came over me to embrace this journey. What I mean…

As you can imagine, I want to be at the finish line. I wanted to be there months ago. As much as these last 9 months have dragged, they are flying. I really keep focusing on the END of this. Dr. F has said from the beginning to stay hopeful, keeping our eye on the prize. I have longed for retrieval day. I can’t wait to have embryos, then healthy frozen embryos, followed by a successful transfer and pregnancy all with the ultimate dream of being parents. I keep thinking down the road, but really I want to try and enjoy each moment.

It is VERY strange, but I am a little emotional about this first cycle coming to an end. All the bumps in the road and the many curveballs we have been thrown are part of this process. I knew going in, what can go wrong, will go wrong. But I am realizing I should embrace and appreciate every ounce of this journey, good and bad. So for now, I am going to embrace (as much as possible) feeling crummy, the shots, the meds, the appointments, blood work, and everything else in between. This makes me who I am. This is our story. This is our path to becoming parents. We know our dreams will come true sooner than later, and we cannot wait!

With that random bit of emotion shared, I sincerely thank each of you for joining us on this roller coaster ride, cheering us along, and being the most incredible support group we could wish for.

I imagine this weekend will be filled with relaxation, sunshine, Cards/Cubs, and football. PERFECT in my opinion! I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. I will be back tomorrow or Sunday 🙂  Xo

Reese pic of the week - FT with her puppy cousin, Tina. I cannot handle their sweet faces!

Reese pic of the week – Last night’s FT session with her puppy cousin, Tina. I cannot handle their sweet faces!

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


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