RETRIEVAL time is here!!

My brain feels a bit tired, so bear with me. I have done very little this weekend, other than relax and not at the top of my game. Majority of my time was spent in the comfy gravity chair on our patio, laying in the sun, with football in the background.

All went well with our appointment Saturday morning! Dr. Garzo saw 8 good sized follicles (the largest measuring 25mm), and seems confident he will retrieve an egg from each. No promises, but he was happy with what he saw. He said I have a nice amount, not too many, not too few. He said this is important with regards to blood flow and quality.

After the US, we met with a very sweet nurse who went over surgery paperwork and info and the two new injections for later in the evening. She drew a bull’s-eye on my backside so Chris would know exactly where to do the trigger shot. After we finished with blood work, I asked to see the surgery center, so I would have a visual in my mind. It is in another suite, just down the hall. I saw the waiting, recovery, and operating rooms. Although it was very nice, it made me feel slightly nauseous. We were then on our way to brunch.

We went to Solace in Encinitas, a favorite little place of ours in the old neighborhood. I didn’t get to totally enjoy our time and meal, as I had a terrible headache kick in Friday evening, which worsened Saturday morning. I think I have been super lucky, compared to others, as far as headaches and side effects from the medication! I was told I would gain weight and be a crazy hormonal, emotional disaster. I am happy and thankful to report, this did NOT happen!

I, of course, texted Dr. F after the appointment to let her know how all went. She wrote back saying I would do great, and she would be in touch Monday.

The nurse called a few hours later with the exact time to “trigger” and to let me know my estrogen level came back within normal range at 2706.

Yesterday – Ganirelix in the morning, Omnitrope (growth hormone) in the evening, Pregynl trigger at 9pm, followed by Follistim.

Trigger needle

Trigger needle.

I was absolutely DREADING the trigger shot. It is an intramuscular injection and the LONG needle must go ALL the way in. All of the previous injections have been subcutaneous, under the skin. There was also a significant amount of medicine in the syringe compared to the smaller amounts I was used to receiving. I had my weight on my right leg, and my left knee was bent resting on the chair I was leaning on. Either Chris did a fabulous job, or the hype was a bit exaggerated. It hardly hurt. I am definitely sore today, but nothing like I expected.

Pregynl Trigger

Pregynl Trigger

Today was football from start to finish, with a side of Cards/Cubs while basking in the sun. I’ve felt well enough to make dinner the last couple nights, and brunch today, but tonight we did carry out, as I have been stationed on the couch for hours.

My laying out partner

My sunbathing partner

I feel well for the most part. My mind is going crazy, as one can imagine. I am playing tons of scenarios in my head. I know it would be EXTREMELY rare to ovulate, but of course, it has crossed my mind. I am wondering what number I will wake up to, and how I will feel.

The surgery center called earlier today to check in. And tonight, I got an unexpected call from the nurse anesthetist, Janet, who I envision being my best friend tomorrow. She was a saint on the phone, assuring me I will never be alone, she will be right by my side, listening to me and monitoring me. I shared my worrying ways with her, and let her know that my heart rate and blood pressure will likely be out of control tomorrow due to nerves. Hopefully the Valium helps. She asked I do my best to rest tonight…yeah right.

So here we are, nearing the first of a few finish lines in this journey. This feels surreal. I am beyond nervous, excited, and ready. One more pill tonight. No eating or drinking after midnight. No jewelry or perfume. Warm socks are a must.

Growth Hormone injection and Valium at 6:30a. We will leave the house at 6:45a. Arrive to La Jolla Women’s Surgery Center at 7:30a. I will be lightly sedated in the OR by 8 while they prep me. Heavy sedation will begin as soon as Dr. Garzo is in the room. I will have the opportunity to see the follicles one final time on ultrasound if I choose. Retrieval starts at 8:30a. I will be finished by 9a, and in recovery from 9-10a. Chris has his appointment at 10:30a.

Before leaving, we will meet with an embryologist to learn the amount of eggs retrieved and their maturity level. We pray they are all mature! We will continue to get calls from the lab in the days following with updates on our embryos. We should expect to be on our way home around 11 or 11:30a. I have meds, heating pad, and fluids ready.

I know I will be fine. I know I will be out of it, and it’ll be over quickly. I get it. But, I wish I could just go now. Or they could come to the house, knock me out and take me there. It is the anticipation I cannot stand. Well that and the IV, the cold, the sterile feeling, the gown, losing control of my body, OR smell, beeping noises, tubes, makes, monitors. I mean I really, really hate it all. Again, I know I will be fine.

Off to a presumed sleepless night I go. THANK YOU all the prayers, love, kind thoughts, and positive vibes sent our way! We love and appreciate you all! I hope to have the most wonderful news possible to report back in the coming days.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


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