Retrieval (#2) is here!

Well we just completed what could potentially be the last of IVF injections until transfer time. However, I am convinced we will be doing a third cycle. We shall see. Retrieval time is upon us yet again! I went back to my blog post from the night before retrieval #1, and share those exact sentiments. […]

Stim Day 8 Appt.

Extreme tiredness just completely took over my body a few moments ago, so I apologize if this post isn’t up to my usual standards. Today at 11:30a we had our Stim Day 8 appointment. Dr. F was NOT in, thanks to jury duty. Hopefully she will be back in the office by Friday. I don’t […]

Stim Med – Day 6 Appt.

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween Weekend. I cannot believe it is November…easily my favorite month of the year! Chris and I met on 11.13.11, got married 11.16.13, celebrated with our STL reception 11.30.13, and of course the Kennedy’s favorite holiday…THANKSGIVING! I would love to add in another reason (Egg Retrieval #2) for it to […]