Stim Med – Day 6 Appt.


Happy Halloween from Carlsbad. 10.31.15

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween Weekend. I cannot believe it is November…easily my favorite month of the year! Chris and I met on 11.13.11, got married 11.16.13, celebrated with our STL reception 11.30.13, and of course the Kennedy’s favorite holiday…THANKSGIVING! I would love to add in another reason (Egg Retrieval #2) for it to be the best month!



As “fall like” as it gets in our neck of the woods.


Our swimmer girl. Yes we resorted to a business park “pool,” but this was said to be a hidden gem for pups. She smelled AWFUL, but had a blast!

Lou :)

Lou 🙂

After our appointment lat week when we received the good news and go ahead on cycle 2, my mom shared with me that a package was on it’s way to us. “Louwas the perfectly chosen name, as mentioned in this blog. On Friday, we received the angel candle holder and have placed Lou on our mantel as a constant reminder of our journey — where we have been, and what lies ahead. I am so thankful to have insanely thoughtful, caring parents. I know this is hard on them in a different way…I can only imagine what it must be like to see your children enduring a difficult time, no matter the age. Love you, Mom and Dad! Thank you for LOU 🙂



This morning we had our Stim Day 6 appointment. I have been on multiple stimulation meds since last Wednesday. We went into today’s appointment not having a great idea of the exact news we would receive. We were just really hoping the follicles would be growing well and growing together. As you can imagine, my brain has been going a little crazy these last few days. Would Dr. F see something bad? Would she see 15 good follicles? Who knows!

Prior to the appointment, I went back to the blogs I wrote about our Day 5 and Day 6 appointments last cycle. Both went GREAT! I was seriously hoping for a similar situation.

However, the appointment was just OK. Chris and I both felt down during and just after the ultrasound. After talking more with Dr. F, Chris started to feel a bit more encouraged, but I have been very blah all day.

As mentioned in my last post, I was still having that little discomfort on the lower right side. Sure enough, the fluid outside the ovary is still there. Dr. F continues to think a cyst may have ruptured, and does not see this as cause for concern. I can tell she is a bit confused by it, as my body has not exhibited anything such as this before.

To her it doesn’t seem the ovaries are as excited or vigorous this time around. This of course is disheartening to hear. Additionally, she said there are larger discrepancies in the sizes of the follicles. Last cycle they were growing in sync. This cycle, some are growing quicker than others.

She let us know last week my progesterone came back at 1. They prefer to see this level under 1. She was not overly concerned since we will not be doing a fresh embryo transfer, but it could be a sign of the cyst rupturing and/or early ovulation.

She saw 4 measureable follicles on the right ovary, and 4 on the left. There are some smaller follicles have yet to start growing. Since one is 15mm, it is time to add in the Ganirelix injection to prevent ovulation. This pumps the brakes a bit, so she is increasing my Follistim dosage to help the smaller ones.

Tomorrow evening, I will add the growth hormone injection to the mix. This will total 4 evening injections for at least the next few days, along with the 15 oral pills I am taking.

Dr. F said she would call this afternoon with blood work results. I have been waiting patiently. Yeah right.

UPDATE – Dr. F just called and started with, “I have nothing, but good news. Progesterone came back at 0.13, and Estrogen at 788.” She is pleased with these results. There is no further explanation on the fluid situation. This makes me feel much better. Not entirely relieved, but better.

I have an Acu appointment this evening. Hopefully Jeneanne can work her magic and stimulate these ovaries and get us on track with where we want to be. I had an awful back spasm kick in this morning under my right shoulder blade and going down the side. She should be able to fix for me.

All in all, everything is ok. Dr. F re-informed us each cycle is different, and each day is different. She is confident this can be a good cycle, and we will know more come Wednesday at 11:30 when we go back for ultrasound and blood work. It is too early to predict any potential outcome. Dr. F has been summoned to jury duty that day. I pray they do not need her. I am sure we would be in good hands, but dear Lord, the last thing I want is any more bumps in the road.

Thank you to those who share thoughts and prayers as we continue on in this trying and emotional journey! Lots of love to you. Xo

Outside our front door :)

Prettiness just outside our front door 🙂

Neighborhood watch

Neighborhood watch

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


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