Garth…and Stim Day 10

A fellow IVF gal sent this to me, so beyond thankful for you!!

A fellow IVF gal sent this to me, so beyond thankful for you!!

I will start with the more FUN of the two.

Garth Brooks. No words. Unbelievable. Hands down, last night was my favorite concert. Ever. His voice sounds the exact same as it has for the last 20 plus years I have been listening to him. I have never been to a concert where I knew every word to every song. His energy was unreal and the show was far more than I expected.

It took about an hour to go 10 miles. We finally arrived to the parking lot and prepped the meds. Four injections later, we were on our way in. It is weird that it almost didn’t bother me doing injections in the middle of a dark city parking lot. Strange what life has come to these days.

Second nature to us. Chris is GREAT at it!

Second nature to us. Chris is GREAT at it!

We were in our seats in PLENTY of time, twiddling our thumbs waiting for the opening act to start. Karyn Rochelle came on 30 minute late, but was great! Their plane from Nashville to San Diego was delayed thanks to Biden and Air Force One. She is finished and the real show is about to start!

We didn't coordinate very well. I brought clothes to the office since I left straight from me. Chris got dressed at home. Next time ;)

We didn’t coordinate. At all. Oh well, next time 😉

You do not get to pick seats; you are just given what is available. We lucked out with first row in our section. 5 rows from the floor, prime seats just to the left of the stage. At one point, I think Garth may have been about 25 feet from us.IMG_1188

Garth is walking out, fans pumped, 90% of people standing and screaming. Chris gets a poke in his back. A cranky, 50ish year old man with popcorn spewing out of his mouth is SCREAMING at us to sit down. Yelling he paid the same amount for his tickets that we did for ours, and now he can’t even see. He was ANGRY. He asked Chris to switch seats. No.

I was ignoring the crazy, but Chris tried rationalizing with him. The guy’s own wife was telling him to stop. Keep in mind, the announcer had just come on the microphone and said please stand, just not on your chairs. We are at a COUNTRY CONCERT, come on! Needless to say, when I am set in my ways, I am set in my ways. I was standing. There were NO ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Chris doesn’t get heated, but he was. I thought, my god, if this idiot ruined our night, I am going to be really upset. I think it took a few songs before Chris was breathing normally. I guess there was an apology given at some point.

It begins. I can hardly contain myself. I kid you not, my ovaries were hurting and I was exhausted beyond measure, but nothing could stop me from enjoying this show to the fullest. Our bodies were vibrating and ears ringing. It would have been one tiny ounce more fun if we had a nice cold beverage in our hands. [I have gotten pretty good at this sober thing.]

Garth did 10 or so songs, and somehow Chris and I made it on the big screen during one. I get all weird and embarrassed. He and Trisha sang a duet. Then Trisha did a couple on her own, and finished with “She’s in Love with the Boy.” Prior to starting the song she announced there would be a kiss cam, “So if you are with someone you’re not supposed to be with, go to the bathroom or get a beer!” Well, sure enough, we see our old neighbors on the kiss cam! Then we see US, again, at the very end of the song! We kissed, and I looked at the screen. We were still there. Kissed. Looked. Still there. We probably looked a little awkward, and I wish I would have taken a picture of us. Next up on the kiss cam were Garth and Trisha. Pretty cool. Trisha was finished. Garth was back. He sang a few more, did a fun encore, and finished with Standing Outside the Fire. A smile didn’t leave my face, and I was on cloud nine! My heart couldn’t handle it all!IMG_1187This all might sound a little loser-ish, but I don’t care because it was seriously a favorite night of my life.

We got home late. I am even more tired today, like hungover beyond imagination tired. We seriously thought about going to the show again tonight, but I need my couch.

On to the not as fun or glamorous IVF business…

We had our Stim Day 10 ultrasound today. Thankfully, Dr. F was not called to jury duty. The waiting room was packed, and it was a good 30 minutes before we got into the room.

Bottom line, this cycle is not as good as last cycle. It isn’t bad necessarily, just not what we had hoped for.

Dr. F said this cycle is more what she had anticipated with how my body would respond all along. It seems last cycle was an incredibly wonderful fluke, if you will.

There is a larger discrepancy in sizes of follicles with this cycle compared to last time. Confusing and frustrating if you ask me. We did everything nearly the same. Started from a better place. Added in a medication to help. And still not where we want to be. Ugh.

We are currently working with 2 large follicles and 5 smaller ones.

If the large follicles get too large, the egg may not be viable.

As for the smaller ones, they may not have a mature egg.

Realistically, Dr. F seems to think 6-ish eggs will be our number.

So should we continue one more day of meds to let the smaller ones continue to grow? Or should we trigger and retrieve so the big ones don’t get too mature? She was between a rock and a hard place in deciding which path to take and wanted to see the Estrogen levels before making a decision. She would call me around 2:30p with her decision.

If we trigger tonight, retrieval would be Sunday.

If we trigger tomorrow, retrieval would be Monday.

Selfishly, Chris and I were both hoping for Sunday for a couple reasons. It would mean less, or no, time off work. A nice relaxing day in our household with football all day. I was hoping last night would have been the finale of all IVF shots, so this part of the process could be O-V-E-R.

My phone rings. I answer. “Hi Kacey, it’s Brooke. Don’t kill me, but I think we should go one more day on the meds.”

Ok, no problem.

We will continue with our standard injections this evening, numbers 26-29. Luckily, I have enough extra medication to get me through. Tomorrow we go in at 11a for ultrasound and blood work. This will be one day longer of stimulation medication than last cycle. Trigger injections will be Saturday evening at a specific time they will give me. Retrieval will be Monday 35.5 hours after trigger. All will be well. I hope.

I seriously just started sweating out of nowhere. I cannot wait to be off these meds. I am sore, crampy, blah.

My most sincere appreciation for the thoughts and prayers as we prepare for the second retrieval. Oh, I don’t get Valium this time. Lord, please help me. I will be back in the coming days!

It’s the WEEKEND! I hope everyone has a great one! My love to you always! Xo

I found some FALL in San Diego! LOVE.

I found some FALL in San Diego! LOVE.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


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