Retrieval (#2) is here!


Still have difficulty with this, but I am working on it.

Well we just completed what could potentially be the last of IVF injections until transfer time. However, I am convinced we will be doing a third cycle. We shall see.

Retrieval time is upon us yet again! I went back to my blog post from the night before retrieval #1, and share those exact sentiments.

We had a nice, relaxing weekend, with a side of major excitement. I will get to that in a second. Saturday started with an appointment at 11a. I was the last patient of the day, and they were running severely behind. Dr. F was not in for this ultrasound, but Kristin, a nurse practitioner, was absolutely wonderful.

The intention of pushing me a day on stim meds was to give the smaller follicles another day to grow, all while hoping the large ones do not get too large. Unfortunately we did not see much growth in the small follicles. Kristin thinks similarly to Dr. F with regards to me being in the 6-7 range for eggs. Although last cycle we thought 8, but 12 were retrieved, we were told to not hold out hope on this cycle overproducing beyond expectations.

I had my blood drawn for what feels like the 100th time. I am going to go back and actually count at some point. Kristin would be calling me in the coming hours to let me know what time to trigger, and what time retrieval would be. I wanted the earliest available appointment, so Dr. F put in a special request for me. I couldn’t imagine waking up and having a few hours to kill before this. I want to wake up, go immediately, and be finished.

After the appointment, we went to Lockwood Table in Solana Beach, a new favorite little spot. Lunch was delish. While there, we got the call to trigger at 8pm, with an 8am retrieval Monday. Estrogen came back at 3300, and they like to see it under 3500.

[Excitement piece] We headed home, and I laid in the sun then on the couch for hours. Tired beyond. Chris went for a sunset surf, but then we HAD to run a couple errands. They call it a freeway here, I still call it the highway. Either way, we were heading south on the Five around 6p. To my right, over the ocean it looked like a firework, huge shooting star, or flare with a trail behind it. Then it looked like a flames or a small plane on fire in the sky. We were freaking out. I considered calling 911. Then it turned and appeared to be shining a massive spotlight. Next it was turquoise blue with a GIANT sphere surrounding, going for miles it seemed. Everyone was taking pictures. I felt delusional for a second. I started stalking twitter and Facebook, and sent my video to the news stations trying to figure out what was going on?! Shortly after, social media was abuzz. We thought possibly a comet or meteor. Neither. Turns out it was the Navy testing missiles off the coast of Southern California. I’m sorry, WHAT?! It was seen as far north as San Francisco and as far south as Tijuana…parts of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah saw it too. Interesting.  IMG_1233 IMG_1238

Back to business…I was SO fearful of the Trigger shot last time, but it wasn’t bad at all. This time, the same nerves kicked back in, even though I somewhat knew what to expect. It is an intramuscular injection on my back side, and the LONG needle must go ALL the way in the bullseye on my backside/hip area. Once in, Chris has to then pull the syringe out a smidge to be sure he didn’t hit a blood vessel. All of my other injections are subcutaneous, under the skin. Like last cycle, I had my weight on my right leg, and my left knee was bent resting on the chair. I was leaning forward resting my head on my blankey. [Yes, I am 32 and still have a blankey. That is for another day.] Again, the trigger hardly hurt. Great job, Chris!

Trigger time.

Trigger time.

Exhaustion has been in FULL FORCE this cycle. I feel so lethargic! Friday and Saturday I fell asleep early on the couch not even halfway through the movie we were watching! The follicles are large in size causing me to feel quite crampy, out of control bloated, and overall ready for this part to be over. My stomach is filled with bruises and super tender.

This morning, I ran to Starbucks for a decaf pick me up, and the grocery store, then made brunch at the house. Today was football from start to finish. It was great! When laying in the sun on our patio on the phone with my dad, I saw a BUNCH of very active whales heading south. I couldn’t get a picture because of distance, but it was amazing to see.

My mind is busy, as you can imagine. From Retrieval #1 Post – I am playing tons of scenarios in my head. I know it would be EXTREMELY rare to ovulate, but of course, it has crossed my mind. I am so curious as to what number I will wake up to. My heart rate and blood pressure will be out of control due to nerves. The Valium was my saving grace last time, but sadly, will not exist this time. Apparently this anesthesiologist is strict and does not want patients to have anything ahead of time, plus I have to sign consents when we arrive to the clinic.

I know I will be fine. I will be out of it, and it’ll be over quickly. I cannot stand the anticipation. I am also terrified of the IV, especially because we had serious issues with it last time.

We will leave the house at 6:30a. Arrive to SDFC by 7:00a. Retrieval starts at 8:00a. It will take about 30 minutes, and I will be in recovery for an hour. Chris will have his appointment at some point. Before leaving, we will meet with an embryologist to learn the amount of eggs retrieved, along with their maturity level. We pray for as MANY mature eggs as possible! We should expect to be on our way home around 11a. I have meds, heating pad, and fluids ready. After eating something light, I will put myself to bed for a couple of hours.

At some point tomorrow, they will fertilize the mature eggs through ICSI. Last time we had 10 of 10 fertilize. Starting Tuesday, I will get daily updates from the lab on our embryos. The waiting game is near torture.

So here we are, nearing another finish line in this journey. Last time I had much more excitement, probably because the cycle was going so much better than we anticipated. This one is different. Off to a presumed sleepless night I go.

THANK YOU all the prayers, love, kind thoughts, and positive vibes sent our way! We love and appreciate you all! I hope to have the best news possible to report back in the coming days.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


2 thoughts on “Retrieval (#2) is here!

  1. I believe the whale sighting is GOOD LUCK.  You know the cows go south to calf…..good luck today. XOXOXO 

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