Hello all!! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. We most definitely did!! Thanksgiving is always an extremely special holiday for our family, with festivities and traditions all week long. This year, we had even more to celebrate! I honestly have no idea where to begin, but believe this is an appropriate place to start.

[I have Chicago, STL, Thanksgiving, family fun, and so much more I want to write about, along with a thousand pictures, but will save it for the next post.]

Backstory…We knew an engagement between Meggie [my sister] and Brent was in the future, but we didn’t know when. For a couple reasons, Meg was convinced it would be early 2016. Selfishly, I was not so secretly hoping it would be Thanksgiving week so I could be a part of the celebration!! Living far from home as caused a lot of missing out, and those of you who know me well, know this is something I do NOT deal well with! It would be so strange to get a phone call from Meg with exciting news, versus being there in person. Again, selfish, I know!

Well well well….My wish came true!!! MEGGIE and BRENT are ENGAGED!!!!! Brent, with Tina’s (their Bernese Mtn. Dog) help, proposed to Meggie on Wednesday November 25th at my parents’ home in Glendale, MO! The Annual Kennedy Chili Night turned into a huge engagement celebration, and it was perfect!! I cannot express how honored I am to have been a part of this special occasion!! Brent, you are extremely considerate to have included our family, and I hope you know how appreciative we are!

Thank you for making each other incredibly happy! You are both so fortunate to have each other! I am one proud sister, and beyond thrilled for your future together! Cheers to the future Mr. and Mrs. Zang! LOVE and MISS YOU GUYS!


CONGRATULATIONS to this beautiful, newly engaged couple…and Tina 🙂 11.25.15



Patrick, Meg, Me 11.25.15

Even though this year has been far different than I ever could have imagined…I have SO much to be THANKFUL for! [I know I am a pro at novel-length posts, but this one in particular could easily be 209,842 words versus the usual 1,100.]

I am THANKFUL for…My husband, family, friends, doctors, nurses, embryologists, prayers, Reese, the beach, my hometown, Southwest Airlines, STL Cardinals, sunsets, our home, technology, country music, coffee, vodka, my blanket, my blog, our infertility journey, ALL OF YOU…and so much more….(The above is partially serious, somewhat joking!)

I likely do not say THANK YOU enough in life, especially with the extreme graciousness this journey has brought. So please bear with me and my thankfulness…

ALL Family/Friends/Readers/Supporters/Prayer Warriors – THANK YOU! Yes, YOU! All of you! If you are reading this, please accept my most sincere gratitude. From loved ones to strangers, you have no idea the appreciation I have for the endless love and support we have felt from those near and far. Thank you for every single ounce of thoughtfulness. Each text, Facebook message, blog comment, email, phone call, card, gift, pendant, flower, and so on truly touches me. I have been left speechless and in awe many times thanks to YOU. Our future children have NO idea the love so many have for them! Thank you for standing by us on this journey! I hope one day I can return the favor.

SDFC/RPMG/Dr F/Dr. Garzo/Embryologists/Nurses/Staff/Acu – THANK YOU for helping us on the path to fulfill our dreams. Because of you, your knowledge, and skills, we WILL become parents. I am forever grateful for the medicine, science, technology, brains, and hands of all involved in our journey. This process is truly miraculous and each of you are true miracle workers.

IVF/Infertility Friends – THANK YOU for the support, advice, and words of encouragement! Thank you for sharing in my positivity and excitement, along with my anger and frustration. I have connected and bonded with some of the most incredible people because of our infertility journey, and am forever grateful for the relationships created! We truly get each other and this difficult path to parenthood. I am cheering for each and every one of you, and appreciate all you have done to lift me up! As a friend said the other day, this isn’t a club you necessarily want to be a part of, however, I am thankful to be in it.

Meg and Patrick – THANK YOU! I know you both probably think this is ridiculous, and that’s ok! Patrick, I don’t believe you keep up on the latest and greatest with my ovaries and things of the like, but I know you want the absolute best for us. I can’t wait for you to become an uncle to a human rather than puppies. Meg Pie, even though it hasn’t been easy with us being separated by distance, your humor and thoughtful ways are always appreciated. I look forward to the day where we are actual sister wives living together with husbands, puppies, and babies! Glendale here we come ha! Seriously though, I love you both more than life.

Mom and Dad – THANK YOU! I could write a novel, but will keep it brief. I am luckiest, most #blessed person on the planet, hands down. Everyone believes they have the most incredible parents, and I have no doubt I was born to two of the most loving and considerate people. I now can understand the pain you felt in your seven years of trying to start a family. I admire the strength you had to continue pursuing your dreams, and am thankful you didn’t give up. This journey has a major impact on you, and I cannot imagine the feelings you must have seeing your child go through what Chris and I are going through. It isn’t easy being 2,000 miles away, but THANK YOU for doing anything and everything within your power to be of support and encouragement always. I promise you will be Grandparents before you are 80. Kidding! But, holy smokes, I cannot WAIT for the day when you officially take the title of Lulu and _____!! Love you a million times over.

Chris – THANK YOU! Again, I could write a novel. No words will do justice the love and admiration I have for you. Although this journey has had an entirely different impact on you, I know the pain you must feel while seeing me in pain. Your kind and gentle (pulled from Meggie’s MOH speech at our wedding) self is exactly what I have needed day in and day out during this tumultuous time in our lives. Thank you for being my rock when I was crumbling inside. Thank you for putting up with my hormonal, pessimistic, crazy self. Thank you for taking care of me in every way possible. Thank you for going to every single appointment and doing every injection. Thank you for always making me your priority. Thank you for working so hard. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for treating me the way women dream to be treated. I could go on and on. We are most definitely on our way to becoming parents, and I cannot wait for the day to see you hold a little one in your arms…my heart melts picturing it! I love you forever!

Our five little snowflakes / future children – THANK YOU for the joy and excitement already brought to me simply by your creation and existence. In my mind, I am already a mom, though we have yet to meet. I absolutely cannot wait for THAT day to come. You are tiny miracles and just twinkle in my eye, but one day soon, you will feel all the love we have to give. I have always dreamed of being a mommy, and cannot wait for you to make our dreams come true.

*I couldn’t possibly mention everyone specifically, but please know I hold you in my heart.

This mental and physical break from IVF has been terrific!! As for an update, I will begin cycle #3 / testosterone gel and birth control pills with the start of my next period…approximately December 18th. A VERY tentative estimated retrieval date is January 22nd ish. Nothing else to report in this department.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend! MOST IMPORTANTLY, THANK YOU!

Xo, Kaceyso-thankful-e1385493723830

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew






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  2. Kacey…I am so glad that you had a break and were able to return home to enjoy all the celebration and love of family and friends. It sounds like you had a most joyful Thanksgiving and that is so good for the soul, mind and body!!!

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