Tid Bits & Recommendations needed!

Hello all! I thought I would use today’s post to share some random bits of info and get some recommendations on a couple things! I am writing a lengthy, journal-style entry from Thanksgiving week and will post in the coming days.

•My Grammy, seriously God love her! If you’ve ever met her, I am sure you adore her too. I consider myself very fortunate to have an incredible relationship with Gram Jam. As strange as it may sound, she seriously is one of my best friends. Well, poor Grammy has had severe back pain for years, but most recently sciatica has been her worst enemy. It killed me to see her in such bad shape, as she could hardly walk. We are all used to her showing off her dance moves to her favorite song, Blurred Lines, so this is quite a bit different. She was using my dad’s walker and cane from his hip replacement surgery during Thanksgiving week.

My mom let her go back to her house, but this resulted in a 911 call last week, visit to the ER, appointment with Orthopedist, MRI yesterday, and injections to come Thursday. I hope she can find relief soon. It was extremely difficult seeing her in such pain. She usually heads to her home in Florida immediately following Thanksgiving, but this has now been delayed indefinitely, and she has set up shop at my parents’ house. I know it is so hard for her to not be on her own, but physically, she can’t. For those of you who pray, please keep her in your prayers.


Late night selfie with Grammy 11.25.15


Saying goodbye to us as we went on a Thanksgiving Day Walk 😦


•While back home, I found out that my dad enjoys Electronic Dance Music! WHAT?! I thought he was kidding. Nope! Sure enough, he has 4 EDM stations programmed in his new whip, as he calls it. He mainly listens to this terrible [sorry if you like it] music on Saturdays, and pretends he “is in a fancy club in New York, drinking a fancy drink.” This is not made up, Chris is my witness. And, I have video proof too!

•The above-mentioned man had a skating accident at Steinberg in Forest Park last Sunday. My dad skates almost every weekend while the rink is open, and was so excited, as he had just had his skates cleaned, sharpened, and new laces put on. The family group text got a standard selfie of him on the ice just before the incident in which a young girl cut right in front of him, and he had nowhere to go, except down. [With playing hockey and skating for the majority of his life, I would have thought he could have had a more graceful fall, rather than a swan dive into the ice.]

Poor guy couldn’t reach anyone Sunday morning, except for me, a million miles away. I have only heard him REALLY hurt a few times in my life, and I could tell this was serious. He couldn’t move his arm or upper body without extreme pain. 911 was called from the rink, and my mom, brother, and Auntie Mas arrived to help. They went across the street to Barnes, and he was triaged and placed in a room quickly, but then had to wait nearly SIX hours at to see the orthopedic doctor. The dislocated shoulder was set back into place as my dad was singing and talking about Woodstock while under sedation. In addition to the dislocation, he has a broken humerus bone, and will be in a sling for about EIGHT weeks. There is a follow up appointment Friday to discuss next steps and determine if surgery will be needed. Needless to say my mother is a saint [Can you believe Kim Kardashian and Kanye named their baby SAINT?! What a joke!], and will be in desperate need of a vacation when this is all said and done. I SOOO wish I could be of help!


Pre-skating incident when the rink was empty. 12.6.15

•For the last decade plus, I was getting my nails done at salons every two weeks with my dearest Susan. [STL gals, go to Des Peres Nail Spa and see her!] Well I haven’t found a salon in our area that I like, nor do I want to spend the time or money anymore! My bff, Abby, introduced me to Seiche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, and it amazing! Regular nail polish stays on, with NO chips, for over a week! Success!


Ignore the man hands and paint job.


•Speaking of bff Abby, check out her new Etsy Shop for beautiful, hand knitted scarves! She has always had a creative mind [so jealous], and makes these gems herself in Newberg, Oregon! The tube scarves come in a variety of colors and are SUPER cute. They are a perfect Christmas gift and would look great on you STL and cold weather people! 🙂


AbigailAnn16 Magenta Tube Scarf

•To those of you sending out Christmas Cards, we moved in March of this year. Mail forwarding isn’t the greatest, and I would hate to miss your cute cards, so please let me know if you need our new address. P.S – Sorry to report, Chris and I will not be sending out cards this year. My hope is to send out a VERY special card next year!

•I have come to the conclusion; I am in desperate need of under eye cream or ANYTHING to help with my dark circles. I would like something to help them go away, but also something to conceal them under makeup. I look like I haven’t slept in years. Ohhh, also something to help with my outrageous forehead and smile wrinkles. I have seen MANY items on FB and other social media sites, but I want to hear from personal experience. I appreciate your recommendations!

•We are headed to Kauai at the end of December, and are staying in Poipu. For those of you who have traveled to this island before, please share ANY and ALL recommendations with us! And no, I will NOT be doing the helicopter ride!

•I am putting this out here for the sole purpose of holding myself accountable…After cycle #2 ended, we let ourselves enjoy the good life. We indulged during Thanksgiving and the week following. This includes food, alcohol, caffeine, etc. So in prep for Hawaii, cycle #3 and overall lifestyle, we are back on track. It was easy to fall off the wagon, and a bit harder to get back on. I feel focused and committed to the goals – Consistent workouts. [Chris has FAR more willpower in this category.] Continued healthy breakfasts and lunches. [I have always packed these for us.] Dinners will be cooked at the house. NO eating out during the week. NO drinking during the week. NO caffeine. NO unhealthy carbs. We will eat brunch and dinner out once a weekend, and allow ourselves a whopping total of 1-2 glasses of red wine on the weekends only. Yesterday, I pulled out the Bridal Boot Camp DVDs, and no lie, it was covered in dust. I am SO incredibly sore today, and kind of love it. I am sincerely hoping me sharing putting this out there will help keep me accountable!

Thanks in advance for the thoughts, prayers, and advice. It is much appreciated! Have a nice evening! Be back soon! Xo, Kacey

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew



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