Our life in December

Merry Christmas Eve!! How is this possible?! I am still trying to get my Thanksgiving post accomplished, but time is seriously flying! With the welcomed extended break from IVF and much of my usual writing time dedicated to helping with Meggie and Brent’s wedding plans [I am already SUPER excited for their big day in 2016!!], the blog was briefly placed on the back burner, but December has been quite busy for us.

We returned from St. Louis to San Diego on Saturday Nov. 28th, and I was supposed to be back at work, but instead, spent 2.5 hours at urgent care and the remainder of the day on the couch. It was beyond awful. I wasn’t feeling awesome before leaving for our trip, but didn’t think much of it. Some sort of flu bug combined lack of sleep and increased festivities, made for a miserable few days. I had a brutal cough, sore throat, intense congestion, my head felt like it weighed 50 pounds, my ears were killing me, and I sounded like a man.  I was put on antibiotic and prescription cough medicine, and finally felt better about 8 days later. Ugh.

I will share through pictures what we have been up to…


Christmas Tree Time 12.1.15


I love my ornaments! 12.4.15


We have put our fireplace to use. I love the feeling of this picture!


Hike in Carlsbad 12.5.15


Encinitas Christmas Parades are a little different than the norm. 12.5.15


The closest thing to snow I will see for a while. 12.5.15


Jesus Calling 12.11.15


I don’t have any pictures with Chris at the Lee and Associates Christmas Party 12.11.15 at Pacifica in Del Mar, but have two with this beauty!


I just adore you, Natalie! Thanks to you, I well exceed my two drink limit, and am now in love with espresso martinis 🙂 12.11.15


It was a Juanita’s breakfast burrito by the beach (whatever that means) kind of morning. I was NOT feeling like a million bucks after the Lee Christmas Party. 12.12.15


Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. 12.12.15


On the way to Coronado looking to Downtown and Point Loma. 12.12.15


Hotel Del at Christmas 12.12.15


Hotel Del has a skating rink, nearly on the beach, but some massive company party had it rented out the night we went. 12.12.15


Entrance to Hotel Del 12.12.15


Christmas Tree Time 12.12.15


Chris and I went on our own little light tour through San Diego 12.12.15


Back to the “old stomping’ grounds” at Blue Ribbon in Encinitas 12.12.15


“Four cheese baked ravioli” is the closest thing we can find to Toasted Ravs out West. 12.12.15


Starting at the bottom, heading up to Torrey Pines for my first hike there. 12.13.15


Torrey Pines – Views of the golf course. 12.13.15


Torrey Pines – In love with this view. 12.13.15


Torrey Pines 12.13.15



Parts of this hike were pretty tough, but I cannot wait to get back. 12.13.15


Beautiful. 12.13.15


My poor dad had partial reconstructive shoulder surgery on 12.18.15. He is recovering as well as possible, but still has a long road ahead. Thank you for the many kind messages, thoughts, and prayers. We all appreciate it.


Hike (with Christmas music blaring) in Carlsbad 12.19.15.


Beautiful views from the top of Denk’s (?) Mountain. 12.19.15


Rest stop at the top 12.19.15


Phenomenal lunch at Swami’s in Encinitas after the am hike. 12.19.15


I really miss our precious Encinitas neighborhood. 12.19.15


We treated ourselves to a little spa afternoon at La Costa. 12.19.15


It was a chilly afternoon, so we didn’t get to take advantage of all the extra amenities, nonetheless, a great experience. 12.19.15


Couples massage was heavenly. 12.19.15


Pretty trees at Omni La Costa 12.19.15


Poinsettia tree at La Costa 12.19.15


It was this beautiful woman’s birthday on 12.22.15. I feel extremely fortunate to call her my mom and best friend. I surely would not be who I am without her! Happy birthday, Mom!! XO


Festive nails 🙂

This Christmas season we have had our fair share of fires and hot chocolate while covered in cozy blankets…not to mention a LOT of Christmas movies! We have watched roughly 15, give or take, since the beginning of December. The five on my list every year are Love Actually, The Holiday, Home Alone, Elf, and of course, Christmas Vacation. Chris is Mr. Christmas, so naturally a few more have been added to the list. We love our pretty tree, outdoor lights, everything Christmas! I am already dreading the de-Christmasing which will likely happen after Hawaii.

I would be remiss if I did not share some big news…Chris is in the championship in one of his fantasy football leagues. It was VERY close, and he pulled out the victory with a 0.5-point win. Sorry Johnny! On a serious note work wise, Chris had an absolutely outstanding month! No need to get into detail, but am extremely proud of the success he and Rusty achieved with their hard work! Congrats boys!

On the IVF front, I have been anxiously waiting for the time of the month to arrive so I could begin meds for my third and final cycle. Well, wouldn’t you know, it was taking its damn time, causing a tiny bit of worry. I have been extremely regular, like clockwork, for as long as I know, and was expecting an arrival this past Friday. Well come Monday, now 3ish days late, still no sign. Come the hell on Aunt Flow, let’s get this show on the road.

I thought…Oh my God, I BETTER NOT BE PREGNANT [unless of course we could absolutely guarantee it to be a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy, which is very doubtful.] If this is another miscarriage or ectopic, we would be delayed months.

For days, I had a hard time concentrating on anything. Chris suggested taking a test, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that because if that stupid test said “pregnant” or had the two pink lines, I would absolutely freak, and not in a great way.

FINALLY, the cramps kicked in Monday afternoon, and we are good to go! In fact yesterday morning I began the testosterone gel, and last night had the first dose of birth control pills, which will inevitably make me feel like hell, nausea galore…Merry Christmas to me! I will actually welcome it because it means we are that much closer.

I will be on these meds for approximately 3 weeks, then stimulation medication (injections and pills) for approximately 10-13 days, followed by my third retrieval! I am thinking the tentative date will be January 25th. If my monthly cycle would have started on time, I could have had the retrieval on a weekend, which would have been ideal, oh well. The third cycle fun will happen in the brand new clinic, which, oh my God, looks AMAZING.

When I was heading to Acu the other evening, I was being nosy (shocking) and popped my head in to check it out, as they are moving just next door to the existing clinic. Two people from the moving company invited me in to check it out, specifically the lab. There is a huge glass window that looks into the lab. I thought, Oh my gosh, this is where my future children are going to be made and stored. Pretty incredible that we will now be able to see these miracle workers [embryologists] in action. I want the flooring, countertops, lighting, and furniture for my own home. The entire place is beautiful!

Chris and I will be spending Christmas with his family in Palm Springs, and we then head to Kauai early next week. I assume I will not be back to the blog until after the new year, but will have my standard Desert Instagram posts. I sincerely thank each and every one of you for the incredible love and support we have felt this year. Please know I am forever grateful.

I am very hopeful 2016 will be OUR year! I am wishing you and your families a VERY Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

Xo, Kacey

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


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