Stim Week Progress

We are almost to the weekend, and I am so ready for it!

For those interested – Last night, I came across this pretty incredible IVF laboratory video from a NY clinic in 2009. The lab is typically a private, somewhat unknown or hidden place in the clinic. I found it extremely intriguing, and am still completely mind blown with the whole process. I believe I have mentioned before, but the new clinic now has a large window to see into the lab. It is CRAZY AMAZING, and I get emotional when thinking our future children are created and kept in there by embryologists, aka miracle workers.

Facebook link to SDFC and pictures

New Clinic Article

As for an update…

Monday January 18th – Chris was off work for MLK day, which was a good thing considering he was still feeling really sick. He met me at SDFC anyway for our Stim Day 6 appointment. Dr. F was happy with the progress, and counted around 11 follicles growing. She is not sure the tiny ones will catch up with the larger ones though. Because I had one follicle over 15mm, it was time to add in the Ganirelix injection which will prevent premature ovulation. All other meds were to stay the same, and we would add in the growth hormone on Day 7.


Prettiness at the new fertility center

Tuesday January 19th – Day 7 we did not have an appointment, but did the four at home injections. I will say, I used to be a bit dramatic, but have come a LONG way with the shots. Just before 7p each night, I ask Chris to start “mixing.” He is seriously so great at the whole process, and the stress is off of me in that regard. I always have everything completely organized on the counter, and he does the rest. I have not mixed a single vial, nor have I had to do a single injection myself. I feel super lucky he isn’t terrified of needles or blood.

It is still so absolutely nuts to me that this tiny bit of powder in a vial mixed with solution and injected into my stomach is making my follicles grow. Who invented all this stuff? Incredible. We honestly don’t know what it is doing to my body long term, and there have been some studies showing negative effects from IVF medication, but at this point, I can’t even think about it.

Wednesday January 20th – Stim Day 8 appointment was with a nurse practitioner, Kristin, who I had seen for an ultrasound last cycle. She counted a similar amount of growing follicles as a couple days prior. They range in size from 5mm to 18mm. Ones that are over 13mm are almost a guarantee to keep growing. We have 3 that are at 10mm, so I am REALLY hoping these little ones catch up. The 5mm ones won’t make it in time.

Kristin said she thinks it looks like about 6-8 mature eggs, which is exactly like last cycle. She gave me a window of Sunday to Tuesday for retrieval. I hope she is wrong on the Tuesday thought. We continued with the 4 injections again last night.


Menopur, Follistim, Ganirelix, and Saizen…I hope I never see you again come Sunday!

Thursday January 21st – Today is Stim Day 9 and business as usual.

We have our next appointment tomorrow, Friday January 21st at 11:30a, and will likely have another one Saturday morning. Hopefully we will “trigger” Saturday night for a Monday morning retrieval! I would love it to fall on Sunday, but very doubtful.

Overall, I am FAR more chill this cycle than the previous 2. The other day, I forgot my morning pills (steroid) until lunch time. Appointments and ultrasounds aren’t nearly as stressful. It is wonderful to be this relaxed this time around. I feel like a pro, not that anyone wants to be a pro in the IVF world, but everything seems to be easier, with one exception, the DREADED IV come retrieval day. I am serious about this, if anyone has any advice on making this awful process easier, please let me know. My hands are sweating, and I am cringing at the thought of it. UGH.

I still feel really, really good. There is definite discomfort, pressure, bloat, and bruising going on in my tummy, but that is to be expected. I am drinking tons of water. I want to eat everything in sight, but have done a good job refraining. Exhausted and headachey, but mild. Definitely not sleeping, AT ALL. My FitBit let me know I have barely achieved 5 hours of sleep these last 3 nights. The hot flashes are INTENSE. I wake up drenched in sweat. I hate fans, but have to have one on me while sleeping, even with the window open, and temps dipping into the 40s. I am sure this is a sign of things to come in my future, but wow.

I have also been EXTREMELY emotional. I simply thought of St. Louis and family the other day, and tears filled my eyes. Adele, can’t even handle. I am obsessed, but then feel like a weirdo for wanting to listen to music that makes me a wreck. Grammy left me a voicemail the other night when I was at Acu, and I was about on the next plane home. I am also emotional about this portion of our journey coming to an end and the next chapter beginning. It is tough to explain, but I am actually sad this part will be over soon. The joy of loads of hormone medication.

That is pretty much all I have for now! Hope everyone has a great end to their week. I will be in touch in the coming days 🙂

My best always, Kacey


I just love her.


Sunbathing brings smiles today. Lucky pup. 1.21.16

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew







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  1. I just watched the video from the IVF lab. Oh my lord! I am in awe of the science and technology of it all. Those embryologists certainly have an incredible job. Life is so fragile. Thank you God for creation.

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