Retrieval #3 is HERE!

Retrieval NUMBER 3 is in about 12 hours!! Monday January 25th is THE day for our 3rd and FINAL one!! I am so looking forward to getting these eggs out of me. Things are starting to get a little uncomfy.

An update on the last couple days…

Friday January 22nd – Stim Day 10 ultrasound with nurse practitioner, Meghan. She had a VERY difficult time finding my left ovary, talk about painful. She was extremely kind and quite thorough. The largest follicle was 21mm.

I randomly cried about 3 times in the office that afternoon, and couldn’t control it.

Dr. F called me later in the day to apologize she wasn’t the one to see me the last two appointments and to review my ultrasound and blood work results. As we had assumed, we would go one more day on the meds. She was pleased with the growth of the follicles and my increasing estrogen levels.

We did our four standard injections, and were off to a sushi dinner. Turns out…I was up all night with terrible stomach issues. I blame the restaurant.

Saturday January 23rd – Stim Day 11 appointment at 9a with Physicians Assistant, Kristin. She had an even harder time finding the left ovary, and I endured my one and only painful ultrasound during this time. (It’s no wonder I am in a decent amount of pain after retrieval.) The largest follicle measured at 28mm, which actually seems wrong considering it was 21mm the day before. When they get too large, they often will not contain a viable egg, but it made sense to push me one more day on the meds so some of the other follicles could catch up.

We would wait on Kristin’s call with the exact time to trigger, once she had my blood work back and the surgery center schedule.

We arrived to Solace in Encinitas for brunch, but they had yet to open, so we walked our old neighborhood for a little while. We then had to run to two different malls (I hate the mall, and have only been 3 times since I have lived in San Diego) to finally take care of some Macy’s and Nordstrom Christmas exchanges. We got both cars washed, and were feeling super productive.


Of course she had to run errands with us 🙂

Kristin called to let me know trigger would be at 9:45p and retrieval at 9:45a Monday which was not as early as I had hoped for, oh well. We relaxed in the afternoon, with couch time and Dateline. Around 9:30p we started prepping the trigger which is the back side intramuscular injection. Chris did an outstanding job again. My poor stomach has a nice showing of about 10 bruises shaped as a smiley face around my belly button.



I said BUH BYE FOREVER to Menopur and Ganirelix on Friday / Follistim, Clomid, Dexamethasone, and Pregnyl on Saturday / Growth Hormone and Indomethacin today. SEE YOU NEVER!

As I mentioned, we haven’t been exactly by the book this cycle. I treated myself to a regular coffee at brunch, and Chris had a beer. We also had some red wine last night, and I am having a glass as I type. OMG RULE BREAKERS, jk. It feels so nice to not be so strict with ourselves.

Sunday January 24th – GAME DAY!!!!! HOLY HELL, OH MY GOSH, GO BRONCOS!!!!! We woke up early and went to the grocery store and Starbucks. We were back in plenty of time for pregame coverage, and I made breakfast at the house. It was a tense and nervous household from wake up until the final seconds ran off the clock. Chris is indescribably happy, and that makes me really happy (and VERY relieved)! I love Peyton and am happy for him too! SUPERBOWL 50 here WE (I think now is an appropriate time to claim them as MY team, thanks to the Rams departure) COME!!!!


Game day get up.


Toward the end….

No appointment today, just 3 Indomethacin pills. This is a back up med to prevent early ovulation. I will have the final human growth hormone injection momentarily, and then we are injection free until transfer time!

I am definitely moving slower, and kind of waddle when I walk. I definitely feel SUPER bloated, crampy, and very full in my stomach. To somewhat explain – each month when women ovulate, one follicle grows and releases a mature egg. I don’t know about you, but for me personally, I can feel ovulation each month. Well for me currently, we have tricked my body to grow as many follicles as possible at the same time. So instead of 1 large follicle, I have about 12 large ones. Some women going through IVF have 40+ follicles. Crazy! I don’t know how people with a TON of growing follicles do it!

We will leave the house tomorrow by 8:15a to arrive to SDFC by 8:45a. Surgery is set with Dr. Friedman for 9:45a. The last two retrievals lasted around 25 minutes. The whole process is pretty quick; it is just the waiting ahead of time that kills me. I am still terrified for the IV, but have had an outrageous amount of water today and will ask for a heating pad on my arm tomorrow to help the veins from constricting…gross. Once the IV is over, everything else is pretty simple, and I take a GREAT nap while under.

Shortly after I wake up, we will know how many eggs were retrieved and how many were mature. I will be in recovery for about an hour and then on our way. The last two cycles we have stopped at Honey’s in Encinitas to pick up a bite to eat, and will keep that tradition in play for tomorrow. I would think we would be back home shortly after noon, and I will hopefully be able to rest the remainder of the day.

So here we are FINALLY nearing the close of this seemingly never-ending chapter in our journey. Getting to this point once felt completely impossible. I am anxious and eager for tomorrow, but don’t have the intense nerves at this very moment, although I am sure they will kick in tomorrow bright and early.

I hope all goes as well as possible with the procedure and a perfect amount of mature eggs retrieved and then fertilized…I am thinking around 8-9ish will be retrieved, but would be ecstatic if there were more!

If I don’t post to Facebook or Instagram with tomorrow’s news, I will be back to the blog in the coming days! Thanks for the love, prayers, and support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Xo

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew



4 thoughts on “Retrieval #3 is HERE!

  1. Thinking of you on this special Monday and praying for a smooth procedure and retrieval with the least amount of pain possible! Sending hugs and kisses and lots of love! Go Kacey…Go Broncos!!!! They are our team now too!

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