Chicago Weekend – Part #2

Hope everyone survived the last post, it may have been record-length for me. As I last wrote… Saturday February 6th – Vodka, damn you. You made me miserable from the moment I opened my eyes. Actually, I may have still been drunk. Holy lord. If you know the relationship I have with hangovers, you will know […]

Revisiting a Nightmare – Part 1

Prepare for a long read ahead…. This is an extremely tough place to revisit in my mind, but I wanted to share as part of my commitment to myself and others be raw, real, and vulnerable, all while being myself. Most importantly to have these memories, whether wanted or not, to reflect upon in the months and years to […]

The bust known as Cycle 3

Hello all! It has been a solid 3.5 weeks since I have lasted visited jaunts&journeys. I have been hesitant in returning and severely lacked excitement in getting back to the blogging world because of the seemingly constant negative news dealt our way. It isn’t nearly as fun to write when it isn’t all happy and positive. […]