Chicago Weekend – Part #2


Part of Chicago’s beauty. 02.06.16

Hope everyone survived the last post, it may have been record-length for me. As I last wrote…

Saturday February 6th – Vodka, damn you. You made me miserable from the moment I opened my eyes. Actually, I may have still been drunk. Holy lord. If you know the relationship I have with hangovers, you will know how terrified I was to get out of bed. It was on one of my sister’s biggest days to date, that I personally planned for her, and THIS is how I felt. UGH I was mad at myself, but kept repeating, you are fine, you are fine.

A hot shower and Dunkin (thanks to my future BIL, Brent) was my first attempt to rid myself of this nastiness. Brent drove my mom, Meg, Paige, and I to our first stop, Mira Couture. Beautiful little spot where, yet again, I wore sunglasses. Meg thought she maybe found something she loved more than the night before. We walked in freezing temps, which actually made me feel better, to the next stop, Jenny Yoo. I took a detour to the convenience store to purchase the all important orange Gatorade and Fiji water.


Pam didn’t get the memo while walking to the next boutique. 02.06.16

I think my hangover, along with wedding dress shopping, impaired my thinking as I wasn’t focused on the news I had received 24 hours prior.

After our two appointments, we had reservations at RL (Ralph Lauren) Restaurant. I had stalked the menu a couple weeks prior, and could not wait for the lobster bisque. Not only was the meal outstanding, but the ambiance was perfection. We toasted Meggie and were on our way to re-try on THE ONE from the night before. We arrived quite early for our appointment, so they asked we grab Starbucks and come back in 15. Grande Americano with sugar free hazelnut…please make me feel better.

Back into Belle Vie we go. We were treated like royalty from the moment we walked in the door Friday, even though it was technically after they had closed.

Saturday afternoon, it was packed. She put the dress back on, tears filled my eyes, as they had all weekend. But this time for an entirely different and amazing reason. Am I often dramatic and emphatic? Yes. But, this was seriously a moment I will never forget. She looked absolutely stunning. Reality hit me. She is getting married! My little sister is going to walk down the aisle a Miss and become at Mrs. Love. Love. Love.


Pie said YES TO THE DRESS at Belle Vie Bridal Couture! 02.06.16

We celebrated the momentous occasion at Belle Vie with a little bubbly and some newfound friends. Purchase agreement signed, hugs were given, and we were then en route to the historic Drake Hotel for another round of celebratory beverages. Our driver (Brent) picked us up, and I hit a wall at this point. I so desperately needed Meg’s steam shower and bed immediately. That didn’t totally do the trick. I still felt like hell.


Just something about The Drake. 02.06.16

I think we left for our Greek dinner close to 10p. I have never seen anything like what we experienced at Roditys. Our precious waiter was over 70, and had worked at the restaurant around 40 years. The gals did the family style situation, and we could have fed a small army. It was excellent, but we were stuffed after the first two (of six) courses. It was a quiet evening once we returned home, and I knew I would feel a million times better in the morning.


Brent doesn’t look too impressed with the Saganaki. 02.06.16


Standard meal with the “younger generation.” 02.06.16

Sunday February 7th

It was Sunday. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! We made an outstanding breakfast at home, and I then spent a nice little chunk of time setting up my mom’s FitBit, which turned into resetting her Apple ID. And her password. You name it. It wasn’t exactly fun. Side note – She then lost said FitBit that evening at Midway. I called all four lost and found departments, leaving messages thinking there was a 1% chance it would be found and turned in. Sure enough, my mom gets a call that next week, and it was found!

The ladies went Z Gallerie and RH Chicago (Restoration Hardware). If you live in Chicago, or plan to visit there anytime soon, you MUST go to RH. Not only is there a restaurant, café, rooftop patio and more in this historic building, but there are five floors of amazingness to explore…with a Peach Bellini in hand.


RH Chicago 02.07.16

IMG_6046IMG_6047IMG_6048IMG_6049IMG_6051IMG_6052IMG_6050IMG_6053IMG_6056It was incredible, until we hit the baby and child floor where there was one cute nursery after another. I wanted it all and even took many pics for when the day comes, yet I felt so far away from even getting to THINK about a nursery, much less actually having one.

Our day was coming to a close. I hit quiet mode, like I always do at the end of a trip. Leaving is always hard. But this time not only was our special weekend over, but it will be a LONG (in my mind) time before I get to be with everyone again. Leaving also meant that I had to attempt to face reality, and I knew it was not going to be easy.

Meg and Paige dropped us at the airport. I walked with my mom to her gate…they were boarding, we hugged, and cried, and off I went. To the bar. It didn’t even sound appealing, but I couldn’t NOT have something to drink while watching the game, right? The Super Bowl was an extremely welcomed distraction, not only from the news, but from the difficult goodbyes.IMG_6054I made some Broncos friends and boarded exactly at halftime. Speaking of, some of you, including Meg, will TOTALLY disagree, and that is ok, but I cannot stand Beyoncé or what she represents. On the other hand, I still love Coldplay! Thanks to Southwest inflight TV, I didn’t miss a second of the game. .

The flight “home” to San Diego was LONG, really long, but the SB victory helped ease the pain. If the Broncos lost, I would have had an extremely unhappy husband. This may sound odd, but with all we have been through, I seriously felt like Chris deserved this happiness. Now on to baseball season…all is right in this world!IMG_6057

I land, get my bags, catch the shuttle, picked up my car and am on my way north. I felt really off. It was late. Sunday blues, perhaps? I wanted to talk to anyone that would listen, but everyone was sleeping. I was in a total fog. I get home and had a happy husband and excited pup. I managed to pick a ridiculous argument with Chris. Not to toss blame, BUT…I blame it on the hormones, emotions, and exhaustion.

When I woke up Monday, I knew there was NO way I could possibly go to work. There was also NO way I could stay home alone. I asked begged Chris to stay with me, as I couldn’t bear face reality just yet.

The next day, Tuesday February 9th  we were having our WTF (as they call it in the IVF world) Meeting. I will share those details next. My best to each of you, always…Xo


Back “home” in Carlsbad. 02.08.16

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew





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