•••Our Big Bear Weekend•••

WOW WOW WOW! Thank you SO much for the kindest words and genuine comments on the blog post my mom wrote. As always, we SO appreciate the SUPPORT and PRAYERS!! I will be sharing my dad’s post in the coming days. Prepare yourself. I have truly enjoyed blogging and sharing my journal / diary with you. I began jaunts&journeys with the intent […]

As written by my Mom…the future Lulu

Written 3.18.16 – A little while back I asked my parents and Chris if they wanted to write a post for my jaunts&journeys blog. Chris thought I was kidding, but mom got to this assignment quickly! I thought it would be a nice change of pace and possibly interesting for you to read from a different perspective, other than […]

A decently difficult week in review…

I have mentioned many times before, but this blog is more than IVF. It is my journal, my diary, my IVF life in review. I appreciate you taking an interest!! Friday March 18th – Happy Heart Day to my incredible Dad! Congratulations on 14 outstanding years since that terrifying time in 2002 going through open heart/sextuple bypass […]

#CundiffaBigDeal Wedding Week 03.11.16

As I left you last, wedding festivities for a dear friend were kicking off. April and Blake and their family and friends were traveling from all across the country to Del Mar, CA for #cundiffabigdeal wedding week. It was destined to be a spectacular! Tuesday March 8th  – [Total side note: It was a tough […]

Stepping back a couple weeks in my diary…

This is a very special article I am across some time ago, as it really meant a lot to me in many ways. The incredible people I have connected with on this journey have been a major pillar of my strength. Some I have known since Kindergarten; others are strangers turned new friends. I am […]

Surgery Recap (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

  Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!! I LOVE March 17th and am extremely proud to be a Kennedy with some Irish in me! I have the fondest memories of the Downtown St. Louis Parades as a young kid. In more recent years, the Five Mile St. Patrick’s Day Run, Dogtown parades, and so […]