Surgery #4


Monday Vibes 03.14.16

I have SO many fun and exciting (to me) things to recap, and I hope to get to it this week.

But the hot item at the moment –

I had my repeat Saline Sonohysterogram Monday 3/14 at 10:30a. I made a joke Sunday night that I probably drank my polyp away with the amount of wine and champagne consumed this past weekend.

Complete exhaustion consumed my body! We had an amazing time celebrating April and Blake’s wedding weekend….#cundiffabigdeal !

We went into this appointment thinking surgery was 99% happening, and it is already booked. It would be a CRAZY and VERY unlikely if everything looked perfect.

Chris drove me, and the valium felt nice. I didn’t need a totally full bladder this time.

We say our hellos and discuss our weekend. Business begins.

Dr. F – Let’s double check, and see what’s cooking!

Me – Maybe we will see a miracle!

Dr. F – Polyp be gone!

Ultrasound wand in, then out. Speculum in. Cotton swabs. Catheter in. Pressure. Speculum out. Ultrasound wand back in. Saline fluid injected. Pictures. Cramping. More fluid. Pictures. Dr. F apologizing. Pictures. And even more fluid. Silence.

Deep breathing, slight moaning, and toe wiggling in full effect.

OUCH. Pressure. Bearable, but not comfortable.

This is LASTING way longer than the previous one.

What the hell is going on. No one is speaking, and I wasn’t looking at the screen.

Still going.

Dr. F reassures me I am doing great, and we are almost finished.

Nope. Still going. UGH.

I am thinking – What more could she be seeing? Did she see something worse than a polyp? Bigger? I had no clue.

My hands were tingling. I am starting to get really hot.

Dr. F – You did so great, I am so sorry!

FINALLY, all equipment removed.

She prints a ton of pics, but still is not saying much just yet.

Dr. F – (In pointing at the pictures) It looks SO much better than last time. The big structure is gone. You likely shed it with your previous period. This is what we want, nice and smooth. If this was the first test, I would consider it normal. I did not expect it to look like this today.

Chris – That is what I was thinking, but I didn’t want to steal your thunder.

We compared the old pics with the new ones, and my uterus looked NEARLY ideal with the exception of two tiny (in comparison to the previous polyp) dots. An ultrasound is not a PERFECT test though.

We all agreed we wanted today to be black or white, not gray with a decision to be made. Well of course that wasn’t the case.

 Dr. F – Gosh it is pretty darn perfect. So tough. I want to be 100% sure I am not missing anything, that is why I took a million pictures.

For a moment, Dr. F seemed torn. Surgery or no surgery?? Last procedure she told committed she would be extremely picky with how things looked. I was leaning toward surgery.

Dr. F – Because you have been through SO much, I want to be sure we are doing everything we can to put ourselves in the best situation possible. If we did NOT do surgery, there would always be a slight lingering doubt.

SO, we are moving forward with a precautionary hysteroscopy / polypectomy surgery tomorrow, March 16 at 12:30p.

The specks in the pictures could be absolutely nothing, but Dr. F will not know until she can see the uterus on camera with direct visualization. If the surgery was pointless, OH WELL, at least we will then know the cavity is perfect. If she gets in there and sees tiny polyps, they will be removed. All depending, surgery will be between 5 and 20 minutes.

Cons – Slight delay in cycle. Expense. Time off work. The damn IV (My go to gal isn’t in tomorrow!) Going under full anesthesia for the fourth time in less than six months. I will be starving, thirsty, cranky, and anxious since surgery isn’t until 12:30p with a good chance I could get bumped even later, and I cannot eat/drink past midnight.

Pros – Knowing my uterus will be the most perfect environment possible for our embryo to call home!

Thanks for all the love, prayers, and support. I am truly one privledged gal to have so many incredible people in my life! THANK YOU! Xo


Even Reesie girl had a long weekend.


Hair being played with. Puppy snuggling. And Bachelor. Solid Monday evening. 03.14.16

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew



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