Surgery Recap (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)


Sporting my clover leaf earrings from 3rd grade.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!!

I LOVE March 17th and am extremely proud to be a Kennedy with some Irish in me! I have the fondest memories of the Downtown St. Louis Parades as a young kid. In more recent years, the Five Mile St. Patrick’s Day Run, Dogtown parades, and so much more! I hope everyone in STL is having a blast today!

As of last year, this day is also a little tough on me as, one year ago today, my ectopic pregnancy was confirmed. I was wearing the same sweater that day that I am today. It was a brutal afternoon, starting with an ultrasound done by a rude technician at Scripps. Chris and I then went upstairs to review the report with my OB. It was at that point she confirmed there was no pregnancy in the uterus, and called it a presumed ectopic. My blood draw that day was proof the pregnancy was continuing to grow, but not in the right place. Days later I received the Methotrexate injection, followed by another a couple days following, ultimately landing in the ER, all while Chris was out of town. It feels like this memory was FOREVER ago. SO much has happened between then and now, and I look SO forward to what will happen between this St. Patrick’s Day and next!


En route to SDFC. 3.16.16

Anywayyyyyyy…Recap on yesterday’s surgery…

Wednesday March 16th was a beautiful day. I slept in, did a lot around the house, a little bit of work, showered, took Reese on a walk, and my chauffeur, Chris, picked me up at 11a. (I seriously wish being a stay at home wife paid well because I would be damn good!) We were on our way to San Diego Fertility Center. The starvation had kicked in, and so had the nerves.

However, it felt super strange, and pretty nice, to not be over the top concerned with – How many eggs will be retrieved? How many will be mature? What if I wake up to bad news? And so on.

This surgery was different. Option A or Option B, either of which entirely acceptable!

A. Things (aka my uterus) were going to already be perfect when she got in there, meaning the surgery was just for peace of mind.

B. Or she would remove / clean things up, and then it would be as perfect as possible.



Waiting area at SDFC / Del Mar Surgery Center 03.16.16


Lab at SDFC where the Miracle Workers do their job making babies.


Another shot of the lab.


Our embryos are somewhere in these tanks! CRAZY!!! 03.16.16

We arrive. I was as cool as a cucumber, except the opposite. I thought it was inevitable the surgery center would be on time since I was one of the later appointments. Not the case! Check in was at 11:30a, and I was called back around 11:45a. Things moved quickly. I was in my beautiful gown, socks, and hairnet, then began answering questions, and filling out paperwork. My blood pressure and pulse were of course extremely high. I got my Zofran “brunch.” Dr. F came by, then the anesthesiologist, and I actually went to the OR 15 minutes ahead of schedule!

I was absolutely obsessed with my nurse, Cori. She was hilarious, super sweet, and got my IV immediately!!! The way she did it, I actually felt less than when I have my blood drawn. She said she LOVES doing them. I almost threw up. I told her she was my hero and gave her a giant hug! I want to be friends with everyone there, not kidding.


Pre-surgery with my Pippi Longstocking – ish braid. 03.16.16

After saying goodbye to Chris, Cori walked me back to the OR. I hopped up on the table, got the heart monitor stickers placed on me, and then headed off to la la land. I was out from about 12:30 to just before 1p. I not so secretly wish I could be given low dose anesthesia nightly to help me sleep.

I opened my eyes in recovery, and was extremely repetitive. I asked Cori multiple times if I had the breathing tube tube down my throat, which I did. I could tell because it was really sore.

I also kept asking if I could bend my knees versus laying flat because of my back problems.

I think I asked for water five times. Bless her and her patience level!

She gave me a heating pad for the cramping I was experiencing, grabbed Chris, got me water, and added pain meds through my IV.

I felt a bit more out of it than the previous surgeries, and it seemed like it was taking a bit longer to come to.


Post op recovery 03.16.16

Chris helped me dress. Cori went over discharge paperwork with us, and then Dr. F reviewed her “findings” as listed here:

[TMI for my own records/memory]

  • My cervix was dilated to get the hysteroscope (lighted camera) in.
  • She saw some tiny polyps or possible scar tissue which she removed with graspers. No large polyp present, no cutting done.
  • She “stirred up the dirt” as she put it, meaning bringing the freshness to the surface. This may make for better chance of implantation. It was not the endometrial scratch that some women get, but similar from what I understood.
  • Uterus is as perfect as possible.
  • Pink/Red seen on camera. Could be inflammation or infection. **See below
  • Cramping and bleeding to be expected. Take it easy.

**Wouldn’t you know things couldn’t be totally normal or totally perfect! Ugh! This is the one unfortunate bit, which I am not sure how big or little of a deal it is. The inflammation or potential infection could be due to the Saline Sono I had on Monday. Either way, I am now on a precautionary antibiotic, Doxycycline, twice a day for two weeks. I am told this may make me feel crummy, and am already feeling those effects. WHATEVER IT TAKES!!! (Picture at the VERY bottom. Some may think graphic)

The next time I lay eyes on the Surgery Center will be Transfer Day!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!


Just before hopping in the wheelchair, I wanted a pic with my amazing nurse, Cori. 03.16.16

On the way home, we stopped at Swami’s and picked up lunch to go. Chris dropped of my prescription, and I was horizontal nearly the rest of the day/night. The bleeding and cramping had me a bit worried, so I wanted to take it as easy as possible. Later in the evening, I walked to get the mail, and even that made my insides not very happy. So while relaxing, I spent an hour plus researching pictures of a normal uterus as seen on camera, what causes inflammation, etc. while watching Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and much more.


I swear she knows when I am “under the weather.” 03.16.16

Since I was highly medicated yesterday, and Chris forgot his listening ears, I was unclear on some of our conversation with Dr. F. I got worried, so I emailed her to recap. She is not worried about the small amount of potential inflammation, and she is SO happy we are moving forward. SO AM I!!!!!!


Heating pad and chucks at the office. 03.17.16

I didn’t sleep well at all, so I laid in bed for a while this morning watching March Madness! I went into the office around lunch time with my puppy and proudly wearing my green! I tried to keep my feet up and the heating pad on my stomach. Exhaustion is in full effect!

Thank you for all the love and prayers. I wish I could hug each of you in person, but please know how appreciated you are! Xo

PS – Thank you for tolerating and/or appreciating my extreme honesty, graphic details, thorough posts, and openness with our journey. If you ever have any questions about me, our story, this process, or concerns, advice, opinions you wish to share, I am all ears! Feel free to comment on FB, the blog, or message me!


Puppy on her way to work. 03.17.16


Potential inflammation / infection as seen on hysteroscope. 03.16.16

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew







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