Stepping back a couple weeks in my diary…


Sunset from our patio 03.05.16

This is a very special article I am across some time ago, as it really meant a lot to me in many ways. The incredible people I have connected with on this journey have been a major pillar of my strength. Some I have known since Kindergarten; others are strangers turned new friends. I am grateful for each of you, always! Click here.

This was written weeks ago and is a journal type entry for my memory’s sake…Read at your leisure! Forgetfulness is at an all time high. So please forgive me if I have shared the above story before.

They say hormones do crazy things to your mind and body, and holy smokes is that true for me.

With the amount of meds I have been on, I kid you not…I made a special trip to the dentist with severe tooth/gum pain. Turns out it was hormonally related. I have had near perfect vision my entire life, but freaked out because I thought it was failing me. So, I made an appointment two weeks ago with an eye doctor. And just last week, I paid a visit to the dermatologist for a full body scan because my skin has been concerning me. And my hair, well I just don’t have as much of it as I used to. Heck, Reese even had an appointment too!


Reese during all vet appointments. Makes me so sad! 02.16.16

Happy to report…I got good news on ALL fronts, which is a rarity for me!

Dentist – No cavities! Special toothpaste to help with gum issue.

Eye doc – Near perfect vision. Slight astigmatism in one eye, but she would never write a prescription for it. Need to practice 20/20/20. Every 20 minutes, focus on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds to help my eyes relax since my screen time is just about all the time.

Derm – I have a gazillion freckles, but only one had to get frozen off. Good report, minus the fact when I inquired about my forehead and smile wrinkles…she immediately quoted me on Botox and fillers. Welcome to SoCal I suppose? Apparently I am losing volume in my face?! My dad told me to eat more pizza. Needless to say, I am seriously considering it. Hey, if it makes ya feel better, go for it…right?

Wow that was a heck of a tangent!

Well anyway, the last weekend in February, we had NO plans. It felt spectacular. Whenever we think…Oh lets do nothing, that will be great…we quickly fill those short 48+ hours with a lot, and I am always so sorry to see a weekend come to a close.

Thankfully I have had, and will continue to have, SO many incredible distractions to take my mind off of the constant waiting and worrying game this IVF journey forces us to live.


Cheering on the CBC Cadets from Cali. Pic requested by my dad. 02.26.16

Friday February 26th Chris’ brother, Jeff, came by to enjoy a sunset cocktail…it was nice to catch up as it had been a few months. I had my 1993 vintage CBC Hockey tee-shirt on to watch the Cadets pull out yet another Mid States Hockey Championship! We had some pretty awesome Blue Apron Pretzel Cheeseburgers for dinner…If anyone is interested in trying Blue Apron, let me know…I can send you free meals. We filled the rest of our evening with Fuller House. Mehhh. I was really hoping the full cast would be in all the episodes, not just the first. Crazy Friday night!IMG_0631

Saturday February 27th I woke up with a slight headache. Initially, I thought it was the wine from the night before, but I went to my chiro appointment, and it got worse while on the DRX machine. I stopped at Starbucks for my migraine go-to Americano. I met Chris at Bier Garden for an outstanding brunch and mimosas. I felt a tiny bit better, but immediately went to my chair on the porch to sit in the sun once we were home. Some with migraines must be in a dark place, but for me, sun helps.


Mimosa Saturday at Bier Garden


IMG_0634We were asked to go to the San Diego Gulls (AHL / Minor Leauge) Hockey Game…glass seats! With my migraine intensifying, I thought there was NO way I was going to be able to go.

I remembered I had prescription headache meds leftover from IVF cycle #1. I took one, but it didn’t do much. I waited a couple hours and took another. Holy hell…migraine gone, but I was slow motion. My speech, body, fingers while texting…everything. I could have fallen asleep standing up. I didn’t care because the migraine was over.IMG_0635IMG_0636IMG_0637

We headed south to Valley View Casino Center and pulled in the same parking lot as the Garth Brooks concert, which brought back memories of the four injections we did in the car that evening some four months ago. It was my first Gulls experience, and first hockey game since moving from STL. We went with Chris’ business partner, Rusty, and his four kiddos. Although it wasn’t my St. Louis Blues, it was still a great time! I was shocked to see the enthusiasm of the crowd, considering this is first year the Gulls are back in San Diego. Sitting on the glass was a great experience! On the way home, we stopped in our old neighborhood for some Blue Ribbon late night happy hour pizza. Delish! Migraine hangover was in effect.

Sunday February 28th After our standard Sunday grocery run, we went to visit our friends Rich and Amanda, and their 3 week-old baby boy, August!! He was such a little love, and it was so great spending time with the brand new parents!


Sweet baby boy! 02.28.16


I almost walked out of the house with this little muffin! Too sweet! 02.28.16

That evening, we watched Love the Coopers, starring my mom’s childhood/long time friend, John Goodman. Despite the poor reviews, we enjoyed it!

Thursday March 3rd As I shared on FB and Instagram – Although this beauty has no idea how to access the world wide webs, I am sharing with you that our precious Grammy celebrated her 85th birthday! I am so happy my mom was able to be with she and Auntie in Florida! Even though I’m, what feels like, a world away, I hope this dog lover / cleaning freak / sun worshipper / dancing queen / wine drinking / hair playing / incredible Grammy had the most fabulous birthday! Cheers to her!


Gram Jam Birthday Collage 03.03.16

Friday March 4th – We got crazy…kidding, but we had a drink at the house, hopped in an Uber, and went to a favorite spot we used to frequent when we lived in our old neighborhood. Sliders were calling our name at the Encinitas Ale House. If you have visited us, we have likely taken you there! THEN, we EVEN went to a bar for an after dinner cocktail. It has been a while since we had been to Lumberyard, and it brought back some pretty great memories of our younger, Encinitas days. (I swear we do not eat constant junk and drink nonstop. As much as this blog makes it appear as such, I promise you we typically just cheat on the weekends and when not “in cycle.”)


Encinitas Ale House Heaven 03.04.16

Saturday March 5th Chris went to visit his family in Palm Springs, and I stayed back for a San Diego IVF Gals lunch and get together. It was fabulous to spend time with this wonderful group of ladies. Although everyone’s story is unique and our paths are different, we all have a compassionate understanding of each other. Lovely being with you!


Thankful for you all! 03.05.16


Monday March 7th I met with my nurse coordinator, Cindy, at SDFC for my FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) Consult. We discussed my medication protocol, calendar, and I EVEN somewhat picked the date for our transfer. I cannot begin to explain how incredibly amazing it feels to get to the point where we can talk about this! I have since started birth control.

Our FIRST embryo transfer will be in May!!!!!!! 

Technically speaking, my body could potentially be ready for transfer on my birthday, April 19th. For many reasons, we have delayed it a couple weeks. I was REALLY hoping to have a baby in 2016, but I have moved on from that, and we will HOPEFULLY be welcoming a little one(s) to our family early 2017. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! One step at a time, Kacey!!!

That evening, Bachelor Monday was in full force with The Women Tell All. It has been super fun season watching with our neighbor, Lexi! I most definitely won’t be winning the pool I am in, but it has been mostly enjoyable, minus Olivia and Jubilee.

Starting Tuesday March 8th, April and Blake’s #cundiffabigdeal wedding festivities began. I will be back next time with that incredible week in review!

I have also asked Chris and my family to join in on the blogging fun, so expect to see something from them soon. Xo


Sunset 02.24.16

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


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