#CundiffaBigDeal Wedding Week 03.11.16

As I left you last, wedding festivities for a dear friend were kicking off. April and Blake and their family and friends were traveling from all across the country to Del Mar, CA for #cundiffabigdeal wedding week. It was destined to be a spectacular!

Tuesday March 8th  – [Total side note: It was a tough day at the office as I was told a new hire was going to be taking my personal office (there are only 2) that I have had for over 2.5 years. This may seem petty, but it was a massive slap in the face, and to be honest feels like a punishment…a punishment for the time I am out of the office due to my countless appointments, procedures, etc. I feel completely unvalued and unappreciated, not how one wants to feel in their place of employment.

This also alters my ability in bringing Reese to the office, privately taking doctors phone calls, keeping my feet up and heating pad on my stomach when necessary, and much more. I look at it as a demotion without the change in title. I typically consider change to be good, not the case here. I had a lengthy conversation with my boss the following day, to no avail or acceptable explanation. No need to let it stress me even more than it already has, but I am ticked. UGH. Clearly I am not over it. The end.]

ON TO FAR MORE IMPORTANT THINGS – The absolutely perfect way to quickly change my mood and manner was a mani / pedi with the bride to be, followed by a glass of wine at L’Auberge and checking out every square inch of the hotel property looking like total hoosiers in our broken nail salon flip flops. I seriously felt super special to have quality time with April during this crazy, hectic week!

Below are just some of the MANY, MANY pictures of the last week plus.


Post nails, in front of her wedding venue. 03.08.16


The engaged couple rehearsing. 03.10.16


Their adorable kiddos, Jordan and Mason.



Sunset rehearsal evening. 03.10.16


Rehearsal dinner at Poseidon 03.10.16


Wedding morning crafting at the house courtesy of MMD. 03.11.16



The cutest and most creative programs! 03.11.16



Love the bling and details!


Seriously two hours pre-wedding. We hate you El Niño! 03.11.16

Friday March 11th  Let me preface…Screw you, El Niño! The setting for the wedding, cocktail hour, and dinner were to be outside, on an ocean view terrace. The views and ambiance are unreal. The forecast wasn’t looking promising, but I was holding onto an ounce of hope it could be wrong. We went to L’Auberge just hours before the wedding to see the bride and drop off some items for her. It was beautiful at that moment.

All week the weather was lovely, until just about an hour before April was to walk down the aisle. It wasn’t just drizzle. It was a full on storm, which we RARELY have in SD. I was so upset for her. Unreal. Her dreams of a typically sunny and 75-degree San Diego day for her outdoor wedding were quickly crushed. Although devastated, she handled the situation as she always does…relaxed with smile on her face and impeccable class. They had a back up plan which turned out beautifully!


Obsessed with the gown, flowers, bird cage veil, and pretty much everything!


The newlyweds 03.11.16

The bride was stunning. The couple glowing. The ceremony beyond touching with Blake’s dad, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment, as the officiant. Every single detail was perfect from the flowers, to music, dances and dessert and everything in between. Brett Eldridge, Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Field of Dreams….are you kidding me?! Amazing.

Most importantly there was LOVE. EVERYONE could feel the love…between the couple, their children, families and friends. It was a beautiful, and extremely fun, evening! I feel lucky to have been a part of this special day!


First Dance – “Mean to Me” 03.11.16


Precious beyond. The tears were flowing as April and Pud danced to Field of Dreams. 03.11.16


My handsome date and I. 03.11.16


Too many champagne toasts with MMD. 03.11.16


Definitely the end of the night! I think this was Nelly’s Country Grammar 03.11.16


Photo Booth Fun  


With the beauty bride at the end of the evening. Love you my Ape! 03.11.16

Saturday March 12th We did NOT feel well when we woke up. I didn’t want to open my eyes, a clear sign of the celebratory evening! I felt rough, real rough. The only cure was a breakfast burrito, a decent amount champagne, and relaxing in the sunshine. Sushi dinner was followed by a very early bedtime.

Sunday March 13th Sunday we were still in semi-recovery mode, but we went to Union for a tasty southern brunch of shrimp & grits and chicken & waffles. Sunday Funday was in full swing.


Bottomless at Union. (Side of Cran, not shots)


Strolling the streets of Encinitas. 03.13.16


Beachside with Steph and Mary 03.13.16

Monday March 14th was my Saline Sono Repeat Procedure followed by a valium induced lunch and little San Diego tourism before Mary left town.


Mt. Soledad – La Jolla 03.14.16


Paradise Point 03.14.16


SD Views from Coasterra 03.14.16

Needless to say, it was a wonderfully memorable week/end celebrating two lovely people! Congratulations April and Blake! I cannot wait to see your future together! Xo

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew



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