A decently difficult week in review…

I have mentioned many times before, but this blog is more than IVF. It is my journal, my diary, my IVF life in review. I appreciate you taking an interest!!

Friday March 18th – Happy Heart Day to my incredible Dad! Congratulations on 14 outstanding years since that terrifying time in 2002 going through open heart/sextuple bypass surgery. Despite the continued hurdles you have endured, your determination is remarkable! Lots of love and healthy heart wishes your way always.


Today also marks THREE years since my mom, Reese, the Volvo, and I headed West to begin a new chapter of my life in San Diego. Time has flown, and there have been many amazing memories, as well as extremely tough times, but ALL have made me the person I am today!

Saturday March 19th – Chris and I had a completely enjoyable spa day courtesy of the Ocean Crest Spa at the Cape Rey Carlsbad. It felt like we were on a little vacation in our own backyard. The couples massage was followed by champagne and pool time, my version of a perfect day..minus the sunburn I got through my sunscreen. I forgot the label of my antibiotic said to avoid direct sun exposure. Oops.

We got home and hardly left the couch. It felt phenomenal.


Someone was bored with March Madness.

Recovery seemed to be going really well Thursday evening, all Friday, and into Saturday night, but unfortunately, just before bed, I began experiencing side effects (I think?) from my surgery. It made this nervous, constant worrier even more concerned.

Sunday March 20th –  Because of the after effects, I was glued to the coach and March Madness. I texted Dr. F as my worrying was really getting the best of me. She assured me it was normal, however I put myself on couch rest. I feel as if I downplayed the real symptoms I was experiencing in fear it was something bad.

That afternoon, I received a heartbreaking message from my dad who was too emotional to call. As I shared on Facebook, the world lost a wonderful person, Mr. Jim Jost Sr.

On behalf of the Kennedy Family –
I feel extremely privileged to have known Mr. Jost for my lifetime. Because of Jim Sr., his community involvement, and commitment to the sport, my dad became involved with CBC High School – St. Louis, MO Hockey and South Side Machine Works, two of my dad’s proudest life accomplishments.

He was an inspirational father figure to my dad and many others, a great leader and boss. His unparalleled generosity to those in his life and countless organizations and institutions was remarkable. 

He made everyone feel special…even when I was just a little kid at Affton Ice Rink after a Cadets win, I felt important. I will never forget the kindest of words he always shared, but most recently at our wedding. For this and SO much more, I am forever grateful and will cherish every fond memory.

Our thoughts and prayers to the entire Jost family and everyone who knew this incredibly wonderful man. Rest easy.

[This was one of the many nice articles published on Mr. Jost.]


Monday March 21st – My dad…my poor dad..was set to undergo yet another surgery…a surgery he thought was just going to be a simple, arthroscopic “clean up” from his previous reconstructive shoulder surgery in December. Three little scars, a couple days in a sling, and feeling even better than before. He had made such incredible strides in his months of physically therapy and was proud of how far he had come.

We figured out he would be in recovery by the time I woke up. Not the case. During surgery, my mom was informed that my dad was undergoing full rotator cuff surgery. In December, the surgeon worked on the rotator cuff, but apparently it “didn’t take.”

So my dad woke up to some pretty unfortunate news. He is back to square one and disheartened beyond belief. He will be in his giant sling contraption for about 6 weeks, and PT will start from scratch. If you know him, you know how hard this is on him.

I tried to look at the positives for him, but nothing is positive to him at this moment. I wish he would have just taken out that little girl at Steinberg Ice Rink!

My complications (as I will call them without sharing details) were terrifying me. In addition to the complications, I was light headed and weak, with no appetite. I tried to keep calm, but couldn’t. I was scared to sleep. I probably should have gone to the hospital for peace of mind.

I took care of a couple work related items, but once that was complete, I kept myself on the couch because literally any time I would stand up, I would experience the complications/side effects. It was really freaking me out. Did something go wrong during surgery? Does this have something to do with my clotting disorder? What does this mean for the future transfer? UGGHHHHH!


I was able to watch a bit of the Red Sox v. Cards Spring Training game to help keep my mind off things.

Tuesday March 22nd – I showered, got dressed and ready for the office, makeup on, put the cone on Reese and said my ritualistic goodbye to her, and I was out the door. Nope…not happening. Back inside I went. Something in me was telling me I needed to rest. I needed to let whatever is going on heal. I resumed my position on the couch. I think Reese was pumped, but I was worried.

I called Dr. F and left a message, and finally heard back from her around 4p. This time I shared the real extent of everything going on. She was still not overly worried and re-informed me of three concerning symptoms, none of which I was experiencing. I was finally feeling a bit better mentally, which probably was helping me physically feel better also.

Wednesday March 23rd – NOW a MIGRAINE?! Is this a joke. I was in pure hell, feeling awful. I tried my medication concoction that worked last time, but wasn’t so lucky this time. Stupid hormones. I pushed through in misery. I swear my back was killing me because I was horizontal for the good majority of 72 hours. Not only did I make it into the real world and office, but even went to the grocery store, cooked dinner, and folded laundry. Big steps!

But FAR MORE importantly, My Piecy Girl / Reesie Piecy / Reesers / Muffin (the nicknames are endless) turned SIX! I cannot believe how quickly time has gone. She is such a puppy at heart, but her face seems to be greying  at a rapid pace which pretty much breaks my heart daily. I love her more than life, as you probably know full well by the amount of pictures I share of her. She is my perfect baby, and always will be.

She has been the constant in our lives, keeping a smile on our faces even on the toughest of days. I am a total cheeseball, but I am forever grateful for her and the love she has made me feel. I swear she knows when I am sad, in pain or when I don’t feel great, as shown in some of these pictures.

How we celebrated – Pup had her Sbux Puppuccino on the way to the office. Although I have officially been moved kicked out of my office, she still joined me. How could she not?! It’s her birthday! We went on an evening walk with Chris and let her sniff as much as she wanted. She EVEN got some tosses…(tennis ball fetch in our big green space). This used to be a daily routine, but her early onset of arthritis has prohibited it. She was in HEAVEN! She had special dog treats, as well as some steak! Despite her allergies flaring up and having to sport her cone, I think she had a pretty great day…Although I do feel like a failure for not getting her an official birthday cake or ice cream treat.

Chris and I are taking our first ever trip to Big Bear this weekend…We told Reese it was for her birthday…Yes, we know we are a bit lot crazy, but seriously, she will LOVE it!

Ok…I realize I am a total dog-obsessed dork. Thanks for putting up with me! The end.IMG_0533

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


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