•••Our Big Bear Weekend•••


My gal and I nearing the top of Castle Rock Trail. 03.26.16

WOW WOW WOW! Thank you SO much for the kindest words and genuine comments on the blog post my mom wrote. As always, we SO appreciate the SUPPORT and PRAYERS!! I will be sharing my dad’s post in the coming days. Prepare yourself.

I have truly enjoyed blogging and sharing my journal / diary with you. I began jaunts&journeys with the intent of documenting and communicating our IVF journey. Since there has been a decent bit of down time here and there, I notice myself sharing our everyday life, adventures, trips, fun memories, Reese, and pictures…lots of pictures and lots of Reese. (I have always LOVED pictures, thanks to my Dad!) It is extremely enjoyable to write about FUN experiences versus ultrasounds, blood draws, follicles, injections, and things of the like.

The therapy and comfort I have felt through this process is second to none. For those who enjoy visiting and reading jaunts&journeys, I would love to hear if there is anything you would like to see added or changed up to keep your interest alive. Thank you again for the continued LOVE!


Castle Rock Trail. 03.26.16

*I hope the pictures properly explain the beauty and fun of Big Bear! If interested in seeing the captions, hover over the picture.

In thinking of pictures, I realized I still need to share our STL Thanksgiving and Hawaii posts!

As I mentioned here, Chris and I went to Big Bear, CA for a weekend getaway on Friday March 25th. I went to the office for a half day, while Chris was being a champ of a husband…gas and oil change for my car, grocery (alcohol / snacks) store run, packing / organizing, you name it!


I am absolutely in love with this picture. She was like this for the last hour of the trip. She knew she was in for an adventurous weekend! 03.25.16

We began the road trip around 1p, and naturally it was a bit traffic-y due to it being Friday AND a holiday weekend. We still made great time, and arrived in just under three hours.

We initially hoped to go during the winter months so we could soak up the snow (I seriously miss it), but since we were fortunate enough to stay at one of Chris’ client’s cabins, we had to wait until there was availability. The cabin was spacious with a huge yard and super close to the lake and Village area. Regardless of season, it was fun to be in the mountains and explore a place we have never been.

Neither of us really knew what to expect when it came to the town, activities, etc. Normally when we go anywhere (or have company), I have lists, itineraries, and spreadsheets (you know this full well if you have visited) with what to do, where to eat, best spots to hike and watch the sunset, and so on. But this time, NOTHING was planned. It kind of freaked me out, but ended up coming together perfectly. From the moment we got there, it felt like we were off the grid with zero commitments or plans, and could just truly chill! I absolutely love when the most difficult decision of the day is what to drink!


Chris on the rocks at the top of Castle Rock Trail.

Reese was in HEAVEN! Chris and I were obsessive, doting parents…We got a kick out of just watching her, commenting on her every move, every ounce of cuteness and hilarity. She seriously LOVED it and was not happy to leave.

It is always tough to be away from STL, and even harder during holidays. Since we did not know our IVF game plan / calendar, most travel was put on a temporary hold. It is looking like I will likely not be home again until the end of May. It KILLS me to go six months from visits back. I know, I know…it is worth it.


Easter / Mimosa Brunch at Nottinghams. 03.27.16

We had a lovely time…gorgeous scenery, tasty meals, lots of drinks, awesome hikes, continued March Madness success, good country music, cards (I won!), all while breathing in the crisp mountain air with some of the bluest skies I have ever seen!

All in all, it was a completely enjoyable, memorable, and relaxing, yet adventurous weekend for our little family. I am SO super thankful to have continued wonderful and necessary distractions to keep my mind and heart busy! Xo


Views from Alpine Pedal Path 03.27.16

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


Sunset Views from Big Bear Lake 03.26.16


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