The Roller Coaster Ride Continues

A great deal has transpired, and I don’t know exactly where to begin, but due to my self diagnosed partial OCD, I will go in sequential order. When I last wrote… It was Tuesday April 19th…my birthday. And another bad news day. After work that day, I went to Acu, where I cried for a solid […]

Absolutely Unreal

I am at a loss for words. Why? Why? Why? This is so freaking unfair. Just as I predicted. Ol’ Negative Nancy (me) has struck accurate again. Happy f-ing birthday to me. I will keep this short, not sweet… I had my Starbucks. Adele was on the radio. I wore all my lucky jewelry. Appointment […]

I have officially hit crazy

Hello to all the lovely people who are reading this! Hope you had a nice weekend. As I posted to FB and Insta last week… I took my last birth control pill Friday April 8th (THANK GOD!) I do NOT want to see those nasty little things for a very LONG time…or at least until we […]

Dreaded Ectopic Pregnancy Cont.

To complete the Dreaded Ectopic Pregnancy… This calendar of events is more for my recollection. *I completely understand if you do not want to read in its entirety, but please read March 25th for a good laugh. •First Blood Draw Wednesday March 4th – hCG 246, great first number. PREGNANT!! •Second Blood Draw Friday March 6th – hCG 350, didn’t double […]

The Dreaded Ectopic

Thank you for the incredibly sweet words on the post my dad wrote for jaunts&journeys. I know my parents poured their hearts into their words, and I am forever grateful for their constant love and support. I do not know I could continue putting one foot in front of the other without their encouragement, even […]