As written by my dad…The Future “Coach”


St. Louis / November 2014

*My dad selected the pictures to go along with his post. I guess he went back to the 2014 archives.*

As I mentioned recently, I asked my parents to participate in this blogging fun. I didn’t ask them to write about anything in particular, but left it entirely open, simply stating I would love for them to do it. With the way it has turned out, I may be asking them to write again sooner than later.

I have always considered myself extremely fortunate in the parental department. Growing up, I knew I was well taken care of and loved (minus the years my smart mouth was out of control…kidding), but the older I get, the more and more I realize and appreciate just how loved and cared for we are. The hard and troubling times are made just a tad easier because of Pammy and Ricardo!

My mom’s post was an extremely touching and honest look at my parents own struggle to conceive and the constant heartache she feels or Chris an I, and I am very thankful for her sharing.

Below is my dad’s post…an emotional reflection relative to our journey, the pain he feels for us, and his desire to fix it. I know our infertility path is hard on him, and I think probably much harder than he acknowledges. There have been many tearful conversations, which have to end abruptly, as he doesn’t want to let his emotions get the best of him while talking to me.

I know my dad dreams of being a grandfather, just as much as my mom dreams. And I as said previously, I feel a major sense of failure and guilt since I have yet to make these dreams come to fruition. I like to believe it will happen soon, but wanted it years ago.

My mom is set to be Lulu (her middle name is Lucille), and we are unsure what my dad will be. We have long said Coach, but some other options, Pops, Ken…who knows, but it will be a perfectly fun and fitting name.

If you know my parents, you know how absolutely incredibly amazingly fantastic (and every other positive adjective) they will be as grandparents. Although they say Chris and I deserve to be parents, THEY deserve to be grandparents, and I seriously cannot freaking wait. As much as I yearn for the day I will FINALLY hold a little one in my arms, I feel the same way about seeing our little one in the arms of those who have prayed, hoped, cried, and dreamed for the day!

If you are an emotional, hormonal, or the crying-type, I recommend you grab a Kleenex. Enjoy my dad’s blog post…

As written by my Dad, Rick Kennedy on March 20th, 2016:

Kacey asked for a contribution to her blog, I suspect she might be getting writer’s cramp and needs to take a break. Just kidding Kacey 😏

It is so difficult to see what Kacey & Chris are going through. The ups & downs must be a tough roller coaster ride, thank God they have each other to be supportive.

I think about being a dad and your child skins a knee, or falls off their bike and scrapes an elbow, a little Slurpee from 7-11 and a cute band aid solves the problem. Or when there are hard times dealing the pressure of high school and relationships, a hug and “I love you” works wonders. But I am a helpless parent in this situation, and my frustration for Kacey & Chris is ever present.

I see so many young parents, with healthy babies. I see babies who appear to mistreated. I see babies who are unwanted. And yes, there are babies who aren’t even given the opportunity to be born.

Do I feel anger, not really. Resentful, yes somewhat. But mostly sadness that Kacey & Chris are enduring this.

What wonderful, loving parents they will be. Two beautiful people with upstanding values, strength, courage, and love. How could they not have great kids? Am I being selfish, I don’t think so. I don’t think wanting happiness for them is selfish.

Being a grandfather would be terrific, but it is about Kacey & Chris, not me, and I hope they both are aware of that. I remember how rewarding child rearing was, and the unconditional love parents and children share. I just want that for them.

My faith is challenged at times, and I ask God, why is this happening to Kacey & Chris. I realize there are tragic, awful things that could befall your children, worse than infertility issues, but this is their life right now, and it is hard for all involved, especially them.

Trying not to be too wordy (a family trait) and will wrap up by saying how incredible it is to have heard from so many people, read so many stories and letters from friends and strangers, in support of Kacey and Chris.

Amazing is an overused word, but I am amazed. The support and love Chris has shown Kacey is so strong, he has truly looked after “my little girl” like I asked him to do.

Kacey’s courage and determination in the face of so many medical procedures is inspiring.

Yesterday was March 19th, the feast of St Joseph, Patron Saint of Fathers. I prayed to him, to help you through this challenge and achieve success. You deserve it!!!!!

Love You Both, Dad


Encinitas / August 2014


Forest Park / Thanksgiving Week 2014

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


5 thoughts on “As written by my dad…The Future “Coach”

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  2. Kacey, What a great idea to ask your parents to contribute to your blog of your journey. It will be something that you will have forever. I say “journey” because I hope that sometime soon you will reach your destination…you both deserve children and your children will be very lucky to have as their parents…your learned from the best! Your parents are fabulous role models! My prayers are with you! Love, Auntie Mas

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  3. Kacey…
    The wonderful and sincere comments from your parents says so much about the kind of people they are. You are so blessed to have them as your mom and dad as you well know. They will be the most loving and supportive “Lulu” and TBA “Papa” ever. Love to Chris and you as you move closer to your dream!

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