Dreaded Ectopic Pregnancy Cont.

To complete the Dreaded Ectopic Pregnancy...

This calendar of events is more for my recollection.

*I completely understand if you do not want to read in its entirety, but please read March 25th for a good laugh.

•First Blood Draw Wednesday March 4th – hCG 246, great first number. PREGNANT!!

•Second Blood Draw Friday March 6th – hCG 350, didn’t double as it should have. Likely chemical pregnancy/miscarriage.

•Third Blood Draw Monday March 9th – hCG 212, dropped, pregnancy not growing appropriately.

•Freaking Friday the 13th of March – hCG 458, I thought I was possibly pregnant with twins, and one embryo didn’t survive since it dropped and then increased. I had the worst experience to date with a blood draw, and thanks to that particular gal, I ask to lay down every time.

Monday March 16th – Dr. R (OB) wants me to go for Methotrexate injection which stops the cells of the embryo from growing. I did NOT like that idea, nor did Dr. Garzo / RPMG. He wanted an ultrasound done before going straight to the injection.


The sweetest Strength bracelet Shan sent during this tough time. 03.16.15

Tuesday March 17th – hCG 972, still climbing. I had an ultrasound with terribly rude tech, and then met with my doctor to review the findings…NONE. There was no sign of pregnancy in my uterus. I was diagnosed with a presumed ectopic. That evening I had the WORST cramps and bleeding I have ever experienced. I thought this was the pregnancy resolving itself. I was thankful for this, as I would much prefer a natural end versus having to force the pregnancy to stop growing.

Wednesday March 18th – I went to Scripps Green Hospital Cancer Center for a Methotrexate injection at 3:30. They begin mixing the chemotherapy medication injection upon arrival. I waited calmly patiently freaking out. Tears. Reality kicking in. This injection went into my muscle on my backside. The potential side effects were random…sunburn, mouth sores, and more. The paperwork stated the word “abortion.” I LOST it.


A different kind of bracelet…checked in for injection #1. 03.18.15

Friday March 20th – We officially said goodbye to our precious Encinitas Beach Bungalow that held SO many memories. It was moving day, but I was unable to partake in the fun for obvious reasons. However, I was a great coordinator / director.

Saturday March 21st – hCG 1586, still increasing. Sometimes medication does not kick in immediately. Section injection likely.

Wednesday March 25th – hCG 1364, did not drop significantly enough. This means a second injection is necessary. Only about 5% of people fall into this category. 1% need a third injection. If things were still not resolved, surgery would be required. Not what we wanted.

Also this day…

[Many of you have heard this already, but for those who haven’t]

We had just moved to Carlsbad a couple days prior. I was a bit uneasy being in the new place without Chris, as he was going on a company trip in Austin, TX. While on the phone with Grammy, I walked Reese, checked the mail, and decided to sit out on our back patio to finish my conversation and watch the sunset. I left the front door wide open since I was leaving momentarily to go by the old house.

I went inside to put my shoes on, grab my purse, and head out the door. I heard a noise upstairs. I thought maybe it was the vertical blinds blowing in the wind. I tried to push Reese upstairs and tell her to go check it out. She wouldn’t go. I heard something again. I was still talking to Grammy. I walked into the kitchen, and NO JOKE there was a pair of granny panties RIGHT next to where I had JUST put my keys. The undies were NOT there mere moments ago. WTF.

I went out to the front of the house to see if there was anyone around or if someone was playing a joke. I was thinking I must have a really, really weird neighbor.

I heard more noise upstairs. This time I was convinced someone was up there. Kacey, chill. No one is in the house. Relax. Why would anyone come in my house in pure daylight, when they could clearly see / hear me on the patio talking? More noise.

Still on the phone with Grammy, I walk up about 5 stairs to peak and HOLY SH*T. YEP, there is a lady standing in the doorway of guest bedroom. WTF. She had a pair of Chris’ blue boxer briefs smothering her face, all I can see are her eyes. This is not an exaggeration.

I yelled…what the *$@# are you doing in my house, get the hell out of here. I sprinted outside with Reese. I hung up on Grammy, who seriously thought I was getting murdered. If you know Grammy, she worries about EVERYTHING and was going to call 911 from her home in Florida to report what happened, but didn’t know our new address ha!

There were some people outside, I tried to explain what was happening, and then called the police. A kind man went to our house, and the barefoot lady was walking out. Reese jumped on her…where the hell was that when she came into the house?!

She only spoke Spanish, and my nice neighbor guy was able to speak to her, but she was making zero sense. Well it turns out Maria had dementia. She wandered from the Motel 6, and her husband reported her missing a few hours prior. The police had been searching the beach, Flower Fields, and Outlet Mall.

I am thankful she was safe and reunited with her family, but I seriously think she cut a few years off my life.

After putting some pieces together in the days following…turns out she was in another neighbor’s house, disrobed entirely, and put on our neighbors pants and sweatshirt. She walked in our house, left her underwear on my counter, went through some items in our bedroom, and for whatever reason was drawn toward Chris’ boxers in the guest room. WHAT THE HELL. It freaks me out even typing this. The police took Maria back to her husband and removed the undies. There is more on Maria below…


Barefoot Maria, clearly not wearing her own pants. 03.25.15

Thursday March 26th – Second injection day. There were severe insurance issues. I had to sign and accept financial responsibility in the event insurance did not approve. Exactly what I want to be dealing with.

Dr. R had a major sense of urgency with me getting this second injection immediately since my levels were still very high, leading her to believe the pregnancy was still growing, likely in the fallopian tube, which can end up rupturing. If my tube were to rupture, not only could it cause hemorrhaging and be life threatening to me, but would create future fertility issues.

I went back to Scripps Green, thankfully just up the street from my office. I could hardly walk into the building, and thought I was going to vomit or faint at any moment. I checked in, they began mixing, and I went back to my car, turned the A/C on full blast and tried to cool down and breathe. I mustered up the courage, and went back in 30 minutes later. This time, I was escorted back to the actual chemotherapy room.

There were at least a dozen people, some old, some young. Some with hair, others without. Some had family members, some were alone.

On the other side of my curtain, the little girl no older than 12. My heart shattered into a million pieces in hearing the conversations amongst others.

Here I was, feeling TERRIBLY for myself, acting like my life was over. I looked around, and instantly my situation took an entirely different meaning.

I still felt extremely faint, with severely high blood pressure. I was freezing, but sweating. I do not deal well with hospitals, IVs (as you all know), and things of the like. I just wanted to have my shot and get out of there. I had a brand new nurse, who had no idea what she was doing. That was comforting. Finally, I was out of there and went back to the office. I should have gone home.

I was in so much pain, felt weak, had NO appetite (very strange)…this was causing me to be extremely concerned especially with Chris gone. I was scared to fall asleep, not because of the Maria story, but because I was worried I wouldn’t wake up, ridiculous I know. I set my alarm for every 30 minutes through the night. I survived 😉

Friday March 27th – When I woke up, I was having a great deal of pain mainly on the right side of my stomach, shooting down my leg. The details are kind of fuzzy, but my OB’s office told me to get to the ER. Being the worst case scenario thinker I am, I thought maybe my tube had ruptured, or was it was a blot clot (I have Factor V clotting disorder). I knew I was in severe discomfort, and the only way to make me feel better mentally and physically was getting a professional opinion…so I drove myself to the ER, which was kind of strange.

While checking in and getting my vitals taken…I see a poster right next to me that says, “MISSING PERSON.”

IT WAS FREAKING MARIA. I told the nurses at the front…Ohhhhh don’t you worry…she has been found…BY ME…IN MY HOUSE…SMOTHERING HER FACE WITH MY HUSBAND’S UNDERWEAR. I am sure they thought I was full of it at first…maybe that is why I was checked in so quickly…I probably appeared to be hallucinating.


Scripps La Jolla ER 03.27.15

I had a nice ER OB who examined me. He was lead to believe it was my body reacting to the ectopic and injections. I was given some pain medication and told to rest. My mind was a tiny bit more at ease.

We changed Chris’ flight, and he came home that evening. I do not know if I have ever been so excited and relieved to see him. I needed him with me.

Sunday March 29th – hCG 234, dropped significantly, thank God!

Monday April 6t– hCG 12, good news, but need to follow to zero.

Monday April 13th – hCG 1, nearing the end.

Sooooo…due to the ENTIRE above-mentioned situation, our IVF start date was bumped back by more than two months. This was EXTREMELY difficult news to receive, but because the Methotrexate injection is chemotherapy medication, we needed it to be completely gone from my system. And there you have the conclusion of my Dreaded Ectopic.


Flowers from my office.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew


3 thoughts on “Dreaded Ectopic Pregnancy Cont.

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  2. Kacey I would have had a heart attack if I found some stranger in my house. You are going through hell I often think of you and Chris and all hardship you are enduring.


  3. OMG! Firstly, the ectopic pregnancy sounds truly awful and my heart goes out to you. I really do hope when the time is right for the IVF that it goes much more smoothly and results in a lovely bubba. But bravo to you for finding the funny side of things and making that post actually very, very funny. Poor Maria too – she was probably a really lovely person before all of this. One thing though… what did you do with the underwear of your husband that she had on her head? You should mount it on a wall of that room. 🙂 xx


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