An Escape From Reality

*I will get to the really really sh*tty news in my next post.*

(Thursday April 28…As I write, I have dueling snoring occurring in bed. Reese. Chris. Reese. Chris. WOW. I have a voice recording to prove it.)

I shared in my last post my brother and his darling (one of her fav words) girlfriend came to visit us April 20-25. We had a fabulous time together. As always, I document every moment of nearly every day through pictures and share a bit of it here with you, including too many food/drink pics. This trip was really special and was planned as a surprise to me a couple months back as I talked about in this post after we received our NO NORMAL EMBRYOS news.

Here is my brief, seriously, synopsis of the much needed escape from reality.

Wednesday April 20 – I could hardly contain myself and said adios to work around 3:15p. Airport pick up. Check. Nasty traffic. Check. Starving travelers. Check. So, our first stop was Le Papagayo for tasty snacks and a drink. AAA came to the rescue because my overly excited, flustered self locked the keys in the car. The sangria helped the stress!

Upon arriving home, we did the 30 second house tour and then hung out on the patio for some time. See the photo below for the thoughtful birthday gifts and HILARIOUS card from Patrick and Lauren. I love the STL Prints! [Reference the Dreaded Ectopic Pregnancy Cont. post for the Maria story.]

We had the most delicious tapas (and wine) at Solterra in Leucadia. Our server and unintentional private patio surrounded by wine barrels and a fire really made the night wonderful 🙂

(Hover over pictures for caption)


Solterra Winery & Kitchen (ignore crazy eyes) 04.20.16

Thursday April 21 – I took the below selfie before running out the door to get us Sbux, so please excuse the bedhead and under eye beauty, but I am seriously obsessed with the Blues hat my brother gave me. He has held on to it since December and knew I would love it!

We had breakfast at home, a 6-hour completely sunny beach day, Board and Brew sandwiches, Carlsbad golf course tour, heavenly sushi dinner, and watched the Blues lose in OT.




PK in the 60 degree Pacific.


Sushi heaven at Blue Ocean.


PK & LT at Blue Ocean


83º in Carlsbad to watch Blues in double OT



This was funnier than it looks. (I spy a 33 year old blankey.)

Friday April 22 –  Patrick, Lauren, and I drove to SDFC for my 9:30 appt. Patrick went to the coffee shop next door, and Lauren joined me. I am so thankful for that! This appt. and its outcome was discussed in the previous post as the roller coaster ride continues.

We hiked at Torrey Pines, went to the Gliderport, and had a delicious lunch at George’s at the Cove in La Jolla. The boys golfed at La Costa Resort, and Lauren and I snuck through four, not kidding, four gates, even getting stopped by the pool attendant. We were in, but then I stupidly suggested Lauren grab two pool towels. I hear, “Can I get your room number for the towels?”

I pretend I don’t hear. He asks again. Lauren can’t contain herself and said to me, “What is our room number?” I let him know our room wasn’t ready (I thought of you, Sara). He gets on his computer, and asked our name. I said I am Kacey Roth, my husband is Chris, it’s under his name. He asked if Chris was with a C or K. Before I could even get “C” out of my mouth, he said we were good to go! Ummmm ok, sir! No clue how that happened. Needless to say, the pool was amaze, and we had a glorious afternoon.

We were all in the mood to stay in, cook dinner, and chill. I have to say, my brother is quiet the chef! We had steak, corn, potatoes, salad, and introduced them to Tri Tip.

I was then introduced to Cards Against Humanity. Absolutely hilarious, yet so wrong! We laughed until we cried. Proud to say I won 1 of the 2 nights we played. The other time I came in second. Good thing I am not competitive or anything. Solid evening.


SDFC = My second home.


With my broski at Torrey Pines


Beautiful views, despite the cloud cover. Darling pic!


We waited and waited and waited. The guy never took off. Rookie!


Awesome views from George’s at the Cove. AND the sun came out!


Mouthwatering deliciousness.


$15 craft cocktail, but worth it!


Our spot for the afternoon.


In love with La Costa.


Boys are there somewhere.


Pam would have been proud of us!


No words for the hilarity this game brings.

Saturday April 23 – I did the Sbux run, breakfast at the house, and got a couple hours in at the beach before heading Downtown for the Cards / Padres game.

Our uber drivers name was Concepcion. She was older and extremely sweet. She kept us safe in her TINY Toyota Yaris (no bigger than half of a twin size mattress) by driving the exact speed limit and keeping it at 10 and 2. She had great advice which I couldn’t listen to because all I could think about was how bad my shoulders and hips hurt while stuck between Chris and Patrick.

After a ridiculous lunch at Bub’s and a cocktail at Fair Weather (while freaking over the Blues game), we witnessed a Cards win with a lot of homeruns! We started in the nosebleeds, but thanks to some wonderful STL people, we were able to significantly upgrade !


Spoiled with Puppuccinos


Solid morning drink trifecta per usual.


PK & LT braving the frigid waters.



Thank god for my champagne in the Yaris to Petco.


Concepcion keeping us safe.




Other side of the booth.


Tots galore.


Rare Form / Fair Weather before the game.


The view from the nosebleeds we started in.


I really do love this stadium and views.


My dad asked for a selfie from the game. This is what he got.


Croc wedges…I had no idea?


Patrick won the HR bet thanks to Piscotty.


Our upgraded seats thanks to a new friend.


First try.


Second try. Someone was over it.


Great night with even better people!

Sunday April 24 – Brunching with prime window spot at Union was followed by some perusing at the Encinitas Street Fair. We went to the beach in Cardiff since our four legged daughter insisted upon joining.

A couple hours later, some heavy clouds came in forcing us to leave the beach. After cleaning up, we went for Mexican at Las Olas in Carlsbad. Sadness was kicking in, and I was doing everything I could to avoid facing reality. We convinced the boys to play another round of CAH, and ended the evening watching our wedding video, which Patrick and Lauren had never seen. Tears!

Vacation over. Sad girl. Lots of love to you two! THANK YOU for taking time away from work and life to come spend time with us when, as it turns out, we really needed it the most. XO




Happy group shot at Union.


My girl loves the beach as much as her momma.


Prettiness looking south.


Views to the north.


Digging girl.


Family photo.


Love this.


Station 15 – Location of Rick’s stingray incident


Adorable Carlsbad Village




Immediately after PK and LT left the house for the airport, someone missed them as much as me…went into their room and hopped on the bed. This brought a tear to my eye.


3 thoughts on “An Escape From Reality

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  2. Patrick and Lauren look so in love. , you always managed to put a smile on your face great pics. It seems like you guys were always eating out, good for you. I find cooking for people is so stressful. Love the picture of Resse and her sandy nose and the top that Reese is wearing is hilarious. I am hoping that things are going to work out the way you want it to you and Chris deserve it.
    Lots of love Joanne


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