She’s HERE, so let’s begin…again…I hope

Written Thursday May 12th

First…LET’S GO BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I am pumped!

Second…Has anyone had a stye in their eye? Oh my gosh, so freaking painful!

And for the IVF/FET update…I am sure you have been waiting anxiously for this news (kidding)…

Aunt Flo has arrived…with a vengeance! My gosh, did she miss me or something? Holy worst cramps of my life. To date. Ever. Like get me in bed now cramps. UGH. I shouldn’t complain.

I was to take Provera (to induce period) for 10 days. I had only taken 8 pills, and she made her appearance. I was told it would be approximately 10-15 days for a period. I figured it would come day 16 when I am going to be in St. Louis, and then plans would be totally screwed up. To be honest I was shocked, in a good way and am happy we are a bit ahead of the initial schedule I had in my brain!


Back at my second home. 05.12.16

At my last appointment a couple weeks back, Dr. F said to call the office with Day 1 of my cycle, and she would see me Day 2 or 3. Well since STL is calling my name, I took it upon myself to come in on Day 1…that way I can see her next Wednesday before I leave town.

Since we all know my body and anatomy by now, we know NOTHING is ever simple, easy, or how it “should” be. Therefore, I didn’t expect to leave with a giant smile on my face.

I called SDFC this morning and got on the schedule for 10a. The ultrasound was to be sure the ovaries are quiet, and blood work to be sure Estrogen and Progesterone levels are in line.

As I mentioned in my previous post, even though I hate birth control, I was anxious to not be on it with this cycle. It helps quiet the ovaries.

Lining was very thin, as expected. She checked the right and then the left, and said the ovaries looked good and cooperative. She went back to the right and measured follicle on that side, 8.25mm. I didn’t like it. Dr. F said since it was under 10mm, she isn’t concerned about it.

But I am.

(Don’t worry I, OF COURSE, followed up with an email. She responded – Everything looked good today with your bloodwork, and I am not at all concerned with the 8mm follicle. Normal is less than 10mm….)


Pretty standard to have a morning meeting with this. 05.12.16

With my IVF cycle, we want my follicles growing nice and big so we can get an egg from them.

With this FET (Frozen Embyro Transfer) cycle, we do NOT want them growing and releasing an egg aka, ovulating.

The estrogen patches I am now on SHOULD, big emphasis on the word SHOULD, prevent me from ovulating.

Upon returning from my appointment, I spent a good couple minutes in the bathroom applying the patches to my lower stomach / bikini line. I will wear four patches a day, changing them every 3 days.


I am going to get quite familiar with these things. 

My new nurse coordinator, MJ, told me she was once a surrogate and her daughter now wants to be one. I considered hiring on the spot. This is of course a complete over exaggeration, we are not looking to take that route at this time, but seriously, I just want a babe in my arms like NOW.

Patience, Kacey.

I will tell you…patience was never even remotely close to being a word you would use to describe me. I am/was the most impatient person, well maybe second to my mom 😉 but infertility and IVF has forced it upon me…patience, patience, patience. I have also learned, I have ZERO control over certain things in life…I have a hard time, still.

To be honest, I don’t feel excited. At all. I can’t let myself get there. I just don’t have much confidence at this moment. I will go back Wednesday for a lining check. Grow lining, grow! And follicle, you just stay put! And Aunt Flo, you need to hit the road by then.


Calendar of events. Please ignore the tentative embryo transfer date, as it is not accurate.

A couple random IVF thoughts:

We know our conception dates – 9.21.15 and 11.9.15

We know genders of 2 of 5 frozen embryos – one of each.

We can pick our tentative due dates.

We could pick gender. We are not going to though.

I mean seriously…

Picking conception date, due date, and genders?

Choosing the number of children to become pregnant with?

Potentially giving birth to children conceived on the same date, but born years apart?

IVF is SO CRAZY, yet SO amazing!

As I posted to FB – (I shared the piece in the previous post.)

I am not sure what SHOCKS me more:
Meggie‘s soft side and emotions in sharing our IVF journey with the beautiful Bobbie Thomas
Bobbie Thomas responding! WHAT?!?!? No, not just a simple generic response, but an INCREDIBLY thoughtful and endearing message!

This REALLY touched my heart in more ways than one and most definitely brought tears to my eyes! You both made my day! Thank you!!!

{Check out the thread in the below pictures!}


I can be emotional, in general, even without the aid of crazy hormones. I am not sure what came over me last night driving home from work, but I cried and cried (probably what caused the stye in the first place). My dad knew I had Chris’ car with Sirius and emailed earlier letting me know Kenny Chesney would be doing a live concert on No Shoes Radio, channel 62.

I got in the car right when the concert was starting, and Kenny kicked off with Beer in Mexico. Nothing is sad about this song, AT ALL, but it made me think back to July 2012 when the five of us Kennedys went to the Kenny and Tim concert at Soldier Field in Chicago. Life was simple then. I was mostly care free. If I thought I had worry and concern then, I was very wrong.

I still owe you Stagecoach, Mother’s Day, and more. Until next time!

Have an awesome weekend! And, LET’S GO BLUES!! Xo


Patiently waiting for her Sbux 05.13.16

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. – Robert Tew

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