Dreams do come true!

Prayers. Dreams. Wishes.
Faith. Hope. A lot of LOVE.
Trust. Belief. Perseverance.
Medicine. Science. Technology.
Doctors. Nurses. Embryologists.
Commitment. Strength. Determination.
Heartbreak. Doubt. Fear.
Amazement. Shock. Elation.

Four years in the making.
One chemical pregnancy.
Two ectopic pregnancies.
Two failed frozen embryo transfers.
Five total failed pregnancies.
Four egg retrievals.
One hysteroscopy.
Countless appointments.
Hundreds of blood draws.
Too many ultrasounds.
Over 350 injections (pictured).
More tears than one could imagine.
Yet more love than one could dream of.


Chris and I are beyond thrilled to share the MOST EXCITING news of our lives… Baby Roth will be arriving mid July!!

Our frozen embryo transfer on October 26, 2017 of Embryo #9 was a success! Finally. Finally. Finally! Thus, we are 18 weeks along in this incredible journey.

There aren’t appropriate words to express how humbled, loved, and blessed we feel. I will be sharing more on the blog soon. We owe a great deal thanks to each of you, and please know how appreciative we are. XoIMG_6646

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. — Robert Tew


2 thoughts on “Dreams do come true!

  1. Saying Congratulations doesn’t seem adequate – I’ve never imagined a baby more loved at inception! I’m so thrilled for you and Chris. God bless you all!


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