I have officially hit crazy

Hello to all the lovely people who are reading this! Hope you had a nice weekend. As I posted to FB and Insta last week… I took my last birth control pill Friday April 8th (THANK GOD!) I do NOT want to see those nasty little things for a very LONG time…or at least until we […]

Dreaded Ectopic Pregnancy Cont.

To complete the Dreaded Ectopic Pregnancy… This calendar of events is more for my recollection. *I completely understand if you do not want to read in its entirety, but please read March 25th for a good laugh. •First Blood Draw Wednesday March 4th – hCG 246, great first number. PREGNANT!! •Second Blood Draw Friday March 6th – hCG 350, didn’t double […]

The Dreaded Ectopic

Thank you for the incredibly sweet words on the post my dad wrote for jaunts&journeys. I know my parents poured their hearts into their words, and I am forever grateful for their constant love and support. I do not know I could continue putting one foot in front of the other without their encouragement, even […]

•••Our Big Bear Weekend•••

WOW WOW WOW! Thank you SO much for the kindest words and genuine comments on the blog post my mom wrote. As always, we SO appreciate the SUPPORT and PRAYERS!! I will be sharing my dad’s post in the coming days. Prepare yourself. I have truly enjoyed blogging and sharing my journal / diary with you. I began jaunts&journeys with the intent […]

As written by my Mom…the future Lulu

Written 3.18.16 – A little while back I asked my parents and Chris if they wanted to write a post for my jaunts&journeys blog. Chris thought I was kidding, but mom got to this assignment quickly! I thought it would be a nice change of pace and possibly interesting for you to read from a different perspective, other than […]