Trust me, I am not in as bad of shape as the title makes it sound, but at times have felt a bit rough. I cannot believe a month has gone by since I last wrote. I have been so incredibly busy, which is a very good thing, and my God life has been a combination of […]

An Escape From Reality

*I will get to the really really sh*tty news in my next post.* (Thursday April 28…As I write, I have dueling snoring occurring in bed. Reese. Chris. Reese. Chris. WOW. I have a voice recording to prove it.) I shared in my last post my brother and his darling (one of her fav words) girlfriend came to visit us April 20-25. We […]

Our WTF Appointment

I had an open tab, amongst many, at the top of my internet browser that was neglected until the other day. I do not know when or how I came across this article, but finally got the courage to read it. This is well worth two minutes of your time, and will resonate VERY well […]