Lucky Number 13 ?!

Happy Weekend to you!! Between date night, Dr. F, brunch, beach day, IVF group gathering, Bachelor in Paradise viewing party, chiropractor, smog check, four-month overdue haircut, a visit to my acupuncturist, and more, I was busy this last week, and am behind at sharing an update. So here we go… Last Saturday [August 15th], Chris and […]

jaunts&journeys is….

Happy Friday!! Tardy Aunt Flow arrived yesterday, so next up – Day 3 Baseline Appointment tomorrow/Saturday at 10a, which will consist of an ultrasound and blood work. I was super concerned Dr. F would not be in since the appointment fell on a weekend, but she is IN!! We are hoping the previously present cysts are […]

One day late…

Well well well, wouldn’t you know…the always pleasant time of the month is officially one, soon to be two, days late, with no sign of arrival. This would be fabulous news for many, but for me, it is a complete annoyance. Where is this damn thing when I actually want it? I am NEVER late. Any natural remedies […]

Pain, Pain Go Away

To begin… As many of you may have learned through experience, we are forced to be entirely noncommittal during this time in our lives. We never know what tomorrow will bring. Sadly, we have and will continue to miss out on social gatherings, weddings, family functions, and so on. As much as it pains and guilts me, we […]

Alive and well

Infertility sucks. Dreaming, unsuccessfully, to be a mother is a severe pain only a select group can understand. My hearts aches for all of us suffering. But, I am alive, and I am well, for the most part. I have a loving husband, incredible parents, best friend siblings, outstanding family and friends, fantastic support, and […]